VI – Feeling Old Yet?

This post was one that I originally put on my blog back in 2015. Certain things have been updated due to the passage of time.

It’s funny how “classic” music stations are playing songs from roughly pre-2000. Holy shit! To think that 2000 happened eighteen years ago!  Where did the damned time go?!  If you’re like me, having graduated high school in 1990, we are now in our early mid-40s. Pac-Man and MTV began over 30 years ago. Hell, 9/11 was nearly seventeen years ago, and predates today’s eleventh graders! High schools are now entirely populated by kids born AFTER 01 January 2000! Hell, in some states, it is legal for some people born in 2000 to buy tobacco now. 😵

Yeah, it gets me to feeling old. My “baby” is nine, and going into the fourth grade. My oldest is no longer in high school, and just turned 19 recently. I currently have three teenage kids. My oldest son, Andy, is 16 (a junior in high school) and can get his driver’s license in September. Can I shoot myself yet?!

There are those from the Class of 1990 who are grandparents already. For me, I hope that stage doesn’t happen any time soon! I started having kids kinda late (well, to me; I was almost 27 when Whitley was born). Some in this class don’t have kids, whether by choice or circumstance. I don’t put anyone down or belittle anyone’s opinions or situations. I’m proud of my kids, and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Another weird thing that makes me feel old is when at work. To most of the servers there, I’m old enough to be their dad! The female servers, for the most part, run from 16-25 years old. Yeah, there are guys on the server staff, and some women in their 30s and older.

DAAAAAAMMMMMMMNN!!! I just looked up when some things started online. I can’t believe it’s been that long! For example:

  • eBay started in 1995, the same year the first Toy Story movie came out
  • Facebook was founded in 2004
  • YouTube began in 2005
  • Twitter started in 2006
  • Amazon was originally on online bookstore when it was born in 1994
  • MySpace had its beginning in 2003. Surprisingly, it still exists. It was the king of social media until 2008; dethroned and essentially killed by Facebook. It really is only a shadow of its former self.
  • Instagram commenced in 2010 (eight years ago–eight years? what the fuck?!)

And what about TV and movies?

  • Transformers premiered on 17 September 1984
  • Voltron also began on 10 September 1984 (so it is technically one week older)
  • the original Ghostbusters movie came out in 1984; Ghostbusters 2 in 1989
  • MTV came out in 1981 (remember “I Want My MTV?!” and it actually played music videos?)
    • A side note of trivia: the very first video that played on MTV was “Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles.
  • The Simpsons started out as a little snippet on the “Tracy Ullman Show” in 1987 and came into its own in late 1989. Nearly thirty years later, it’s still going. Many love it; I, personally, don’t care for it and think it’s long outlived its life. Side note: if Bart Simpson were a real person, we would be pushing 40 now.
  • American Idol started in 2002, Kelly Clarkson being the first winner. Another tired, long-past-its-time show
  • Hell’s Kitchen began in 2005. Going into season 18 in late-September.
  • Back to the Future first launched in 1985. Back to the Future 2 took place in the year 2015. It now occurs entirely in our current past.
  • Remember Beavis and Butthead? It originally ran from 1993-1997
  • What about Blue’s Clues? The first episode ran on Nickelodeon in 1996, over twenty years ago
  • SpongeBob SquarePants’ first episode aired on 01 May 1999
  • Rugrats premiered in…1991. Holy shit. That means if Tommy Pickles were real, he’d be about 28 now (WTF?!)

Feeling old yet? I must be getting old…I can’t stand most of this new music on the radio, be it country or pop. Most of it sucks. Justin Bieber is a motherfucking moron who is so full of himself and thinks he’s God’s gift to everyone; Selena Gomez’s music isn’t great. I don’t even know who is who is country anymore. Remember the boy band One Direction from the beginning of this decade? Yeah, the “temporary” hiatus ended up being a breakup. How ridiculous that some people wound up crying, cutting themselves and even going so far as attempting and committing suicide over this thing. SUICIDE? Whatever! Do what you will, I guess.

Okay, physically I’m headed in that direction (getting old). Mentally, I’m still quite young. Hopefully, I’ll be still going for many years to come, good Lord willing. Despite what I might say, I actually do enjoy life. Yeah, life can be a big bitch. It’s like a saying I read somewhere, that when the shit hits the fan, it won’t be evenly distributed. Sometimes I feel like I’m covered in it, but I believe something good will turn out someday. There will come a day when I will look back and laugh at myself.

Well, that’s a wrap. Oh, that’s right, white men can’t rap. Oh….wait….they’re not the same? Well, shit, I’d better “re-cover” and try again! Did you know my car decided to end its career? Yeah, it blew out a tire, because it wanted to “re-tire”!   Yeah, I know. LAME!  I got tired once, but then I slept and got retired. OMG, knock off the stupid jokes!

OK, I’m being more corny than the Iowa farmer’s field. It’s time to end this episode of my blog. Unlike the Simpsons, this show has an end.  I hope you enjoyed a little nostalgia and, maybe a little chuckle. Good night, everyone. Be safe. Be well.

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