VII – Is What’s Good For The Goose, Really Good For The Gander?

Everyone is held to a certain standard in different facets of life. At work, you are expected to work at a set level. Everyone is required to obey laws. Depending on where you live, there are rules you must follow. But why is it that it seems like some people are held to a different standard? Why are there double standards? The old “do as I say, not as I do” mentality. Life is full of double standards.

For example: politicians. Why do politicians make the populace follow a set of rules or laws, that they themselves don’t seem to follow? The people who make up the US Congress get paid $174,000 a year. The President makes $400,000 (that amount is set by law). Federal minimum wage for the common people? A “whopping” $7.25 per hour.🙄 Working a 40-hour week, that translates to roughly $15,000 per year—a measly one-twelfth of Congress’ salary. Though Congress hardly works, that $174,000 annual salary, divided by 52 forty-hour workweeks, would translate to roughly $83/hour. What the fuck?! I don’t know anyone that works making $83/hour. Even a decent construction job might pay $25/hour. According to this Huffington Post news story, in order to afford the average two-bedroom rental in the US, a person making minimum wage has to work 117 hours per week! That doesn’t include utilities, gas, food and other basic necessities. Those “basic necessities” don’t even include health insurance, as required by the so-called “Affordable” Healthcare Act, colloquially known as Obamacare (oh, yeah, that guy who occupied 1600 Pennyslvania Avenue from 2009-2016). For the most part, people claiming crappy health insurance through that Obamacare thing, but with outlandishly expensive premiums. I’ve heard of people who’ve praised Obamacare because of some catastrophic illness, but I never heard a story of how insurance became cheaper or totally awesome because of it. Yet, Congress gets their salaries, cushy benefits and guaranteed healthcare and retirement pay for life. Um, yeah. Keep reading that article. It is indeed to leave a person flabbergasted how expensive living in the United States can be.

Politics isn’t the only place where double standards exist. It is rampant between the sexes and races. Many people want to pretend racism ended years ago. It exists and thrives in today’s society. Everyone seems to want to claim the race card. Some races do it more than others. The mainstream media shows crimes of white aggressors against other races all the time, but rarely is shown a crime committed against a white person. Then there’s this stupid phrase “hate crime”. Aren’t all crimes committed out of hate? Has anyone ever murdered, raped or robbed someone because they loved the victim? Absolutely senseless, if you ask me.🤦‍♀️

Between men and women, the double standard is huge, especially against men. Women get maternity leave. Men don’t get the same benefit to help care for the mom and baby. Lord knows, the woman can use the help with the newborn!

Let’s take a look at some of the societal gender-related double standards:

  • When dating, the man is supposed to always “make the first move”. Some guys aren’t comfortable initiating conversation. Some guys are intimidated.
  • Men are expected to be the “alpha” macho type. Not every man is that way. Some are quite introverted and quiet (myself included).
  • Men are supposed to love sports. Every weekend glued to the TV watching the football, basketball, hockey, baseball game, car racing, whatever. Be fanatical about a team, know so-and-so’s stats. Many women are fanatical that way. Some guys (again, like myself) don’t care that much about sports. I don’t play them; I don’t watch them (most of the time; I like a game occasionally, but couldn’t tell you a damn thing about the players or whatnot).
  • If an older woman has an affair with a much younger man, she’s called a cougar. If an older man dates a much younger woman, he’s a pervert.
  • If a fat woman (yes I said fat) screws a skinny guy, it’s said she’s body-positive and it’s a beautiful thing. The whole “you go girl” thing arises. If a fat man dates a skinny woman, he’s just being disgusting and she’s considered a whore.
  • A woman is expected (by many men) to be hairless from the neck down, but the guy can be hairy as an ape everywhere. In this respect, I say some personal hygiene and grooming is important for both genders.

Oh yeah, there are double standards as far as the eye can see. I barely touched base on some of the most popular ones. Many more exist out there. What are the basic idioms people use? Things like “do as I say, not as I do”; or “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”; or even “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. It’d be great if we could eliminate double standards everywhere in life. It’s doubtful that will ever happen, but we don’t need all the double standards! One standard is enough, thank you very much.

For all the religious types out there, remember the words of Jesus: “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Also, remember that in whatever you do and wherever you go, please be safe and be well.

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