IX – Separation of Church and State? That’s a Thing?

The last time I ventured into the blogosphere back in 2015, Barack Obama was the occupant of the White House. Now, the current occupant is one Donald J. Trump. Politically, some things have changed. Some have not. Throughout social media, someone is always ready and willing to bash the person holding the highest office in the country. During the Obama administration, Conservatives were against him. Currently, Trump-bashing is rampant.

There were many political pages I followed on Facebook and Twitter at one time. I got really burned-out really quick of everything, and I unfollowed a good majority of them. Honestly, politics is a big, steaming pile of red-white-and-blue bullshit. Politics is a subject that causes a lot of contention and can lead to arguments, fights, hurt feelings, and even loss of friendship. I try my damndest to avoid talking politics to most people, as I prefer to avoid any confrontation. In today’s post, however, I thought I would share a little of my personal religious and political beliefs. Now, I am the kind to agree-to-disagree with people. Not everyone shares the same opinions and beliefs. You are welcome to agree or disagree with me. At the same time, I will not apologize for my beliefs and opinions, even if someone might get offended. With that said, here we go!

For most of my life, I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS, or Mormon Church). When I was little, my family took me to church every Sunday. I was baptized at eight years old, as is the tradition in LDS families. Up until I moved to Utah, and even for a while after, I still attended regularly. I even served as a missionary for two years. Once that was over and I really got into the workforce, I started to go less, as I would be required to work many Sundays. Due to this, and some other occurrences, my views of this religion have gone south in many respects. Not of the church in and of itself. The church and its teachings are the same everywhere. It’s the people who have made it impossible for me to even consider myself a part of this religion anymore. Their holier-than-thou attitude; many look down on you if you’re not dressed to the hilt. It’s said to go in your best clothes. fine. What if your best clothes is a t-shirt and jeans? You get that shaming look, like “OMG…you don’t belong here!”  Maybe that’s just this city where I live. Maybe it’s just my impression.

Another thing that gets me about many Mormon people in Utah: other religions seem to be second-class. You see Mormon church buildings everywhere, seemingly on every corner (those and Maverik gas stations—kinda like the Crips and Bloods fighting for their turf). Other religions exist, but there’s like just a handful of their buildings for each in the county. Catholic, Seventh-Day Adventist, Baptist, Lutheran, Non-denominational. Yeah, they’re here, just not as prevalent.

Politically, I don’t put myself with any political party. I don’t see “red states” and “blue states” anymore. It’s all purple!  There’s not a lot of fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans anymore. Subtle differences here and there, but not much else. Republicans seemed to be deathly afraid to challenge Obama during his terms. For me, the last great president we had was Ronald Reagan. He didn’t put up with people’s shit. When he talked, the world listened. If someone tried to fuck with us, we shut them down in a hurry. Clinton was somewhat okay. The national debt was actually going down during Clinton’s presidency. George W. Bush was not a great president. Granted, 9/11 happened a few months after he took office, but we were thrust into war the entire time he was in office. The debt topped $10 trillion during Bush’s terms. Near Times Square, there is an electric sign displaying the national debt. In 2008, they had to change the sign to accommodate the 14th digit, or surpassing $10 trillion. Fast forward ten years, the debt currently sits at nearly $21.5 trillion—it has doubled in ten years. In fact, it goes up about $17000 per second, or a million dollars per minute. To put it another way, if you take the national debt [nearly $21.5 trillion], and divide it by the current population [roughly 328 million], everyone’s part (including little babies) comes out to $65,187. That number is more than double what I make in a year. 😱🤯 We would need 143 times Jeff Bezos’ wealth ($150 billion) to pay the debt. Yikes!

I’m not sure when it happened, but today’s society seems to be filled with butt-hurt, whiny babies. No one is allowed to get their feelings hurt, no one loses, no one can feel disappointment. Whatever happened to only one valedictorian in school, one trophy winner for best performance (you lose, you lose, get over it!), and critical thinking? The federal government seems to want to micromanage everything about our lives, down to what our kids eat and the drivel our kids are spoon-fed in school. Parents aren’t allowed to discipline their kids (that’s known as “abuse”). Maybe some kids need their asses whooped to learn something. Many of today’s adults were spanked (or worse) by their parents, and they didn’t die. Some even know what respect is. 🤔

In school, kids are taught back-asswards math so complicated that parents with Ph.D.’s can’t figure it out. They call it Common Core, but I call it Bullshit. No more 1+1=2. Now it’s “let’s figure out why 1+1=2”. PE classes require essays (what the fuck is “learning across the curriculum”?). Spelling doesn’t matter. US history is taught with a radical liberal bias. Kids don’t even know the preamble to the Constitution or what the Bill of Rights are anymore. Many founding documents are ignored. Hell, don’t teach the Constitution, so people don’t know that the government is chipping away at their rights given in the Bill of Rights and the subsequent 26 Amendments.

Granted, gas prices went way down (I didn’t think I’d ever see sub-$2 gas again, although prices have skyrocketed since). One thing scares me about this recent seeming-prosperity: when the bubble pops, it’s gonna get ugly. I have a feeling the stage is being set for the dollar to take a huge nosedive and gas to go sky-high. Ever noticed? Gas goes way up, down a little, back up higher, down a little, way up, down a little. I won’t be one bit surprised if gas goes over $6/gallon (or more) after some kind of manufactured catastrophe in the near future. Hopefully I’m wrong about that. I’ve loved being able to fill my gas tank for $25-$30, rather than the $50-60 it takes currently.

Not everything I think and feel is negative. I do think Obama had good intentions in wanting to raise the minimum wage to $10.10/hr. However, it didn’t happen. Where I live in Utah, the minimum is $7.25, but I don’t see anyone paying that anymore. Even many fast food places are paying upwards of $10-$12. Honestly, one still cannot make a living at $12/hour, much less what servers are paid. In Utah, servers earn the federally-mandated minimum of $2.13/hour plus tips. Isn’t that like slave labor? Many servers I know work multiple jobs to make ends meet. Then, when tax time rolls around, they end up owing on their taxes, because the paltry wage they make is less than the taxes from their tips (come payday, where I get a paycheck, they get nothing, or maybe a couple of dollars).

There are good people of all races and religions. There are bad apples, as well. I don’t care if you’re black, white, Asian, or whatever. Straight or homosexual. Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic. You do you. I respect you, you respect me. Simple.

Since you’re reading my blog, I know you have some common sense. You’re a bunch of decent people. Respect one another; take care of yourselves; help someone else in need; and most importantly, be safe and be well.

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    blog before but after looking at a few of the posts I realized
    it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m certainly happy I found it and I’ll be
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