XIV – The Writing Process

Whenever I sit to write a blog post, I like to have an idea in mind—a topic of discussion. Once I have my topic in mind, I start writing. The occasional edit takes place, but usually what I write ends up published online. Oftentimes I get an idea and start to pound the keyboard. Unfortunately, in a house with three boys (two of whom are teenagers), there are interruptions. I have to stop and listen to what they have to tell me. Sometimes it’s important, others, it’s to show me some inane meme found online. When I get stopped in mid-thought, I end up minimizing the editing window, to avoid the “what are you writing?” curiosities. Some interruptions are quick, and I can return to writing. Occasionally, the break is a barrage of conversation, or an extended stay just to lay on the bed (while on the phone/tablet, usually wearing headphones), or to watch the TV. That’s when my train of thought gets derailed, and I end up just closing Word without saving anything. Once I lose my writing flow, I find it difficult to resume. Countless times I’ve started to write, and either by interruption, or by intentional choice, my writings disappear from existence. As is the case with many professional writers and authors, more of what I write vanishes from this world than is ever read by anyone.

The process I follow to go from thoughts to virtual words to published blog post isn’t all that complicated. It’s not like I’m publishing a physical book, nor will I ever become anything that accomplished. It’s just “little ol’ me” jotting down what comes to mind.🤭 I start with a thought, an idea. For example, I want to write about why traffic pisses me off; or what’s something people don’t know about me? I go from there. I just start writing what comes to mind. One time or another, especially if I notice I’m repeating the same word or phrase, I’ll find synonyms, just to vary things. Once I’m done writing, I’ll do spelling and grammar checks, then some appearance edits. After that’s been saved, I’ll upload the text to my blog page. There, I add an appropriate graphic or picture, do final edits, add a title and some descriptors and add a little blurb about it. Once I’m satisfied with the look, I schedule a date for the post to go live, some Sunday morning, right around 07:00 Mountain Time (adjust for your time zone).🕖

This little blog I do was originated back in the beginning of 2015, at the suggestion of one of my old high school classmates. Prior to this, I would post rather long rants on Facebook about things going on in my life. It was a struggle, and the idea of a blog came to light. I researched some blogging sites, and found one that was easy to use, and didn’t cost anything to start. Now, I can upgrade to get my own domain and more features, and maybe I’ll invest in that someday. I just don’t have $50 to spare right now for one year’s worth of fees. Image result for 50 dollar bill It’s a thought, maybe in the future…That was my initial launch into the blogosphere. I got ambitious, and started writing like mad, posting anytime I finished. I eventually ran out of ideas; days would go by, then weeks. The weeks turned into months, and the blog went dormant.

Hibernation ended in July 2018. I remembered my password, and reminisced the posts. I decided to resurrect my blog, removing all posts and starting anew. Some posts were saved and reworked, others deleted forever. Updates and minor adjustments were made, and it came back. Only this time, I’ve actually put thought into the process. Instead of posting and publishing willy-nilly, I’m putting the posts out there on a schedule, so that, as I write and save my posts, I am not pressured or rushed to write. It causes me grief when I am rushed and I become unproductive. I can have several weeks’ worth of posts scheduled for launch, and make things look nice and be the way I want them to be.

You may or may not have noticed, but I always end my posts the same way. Though I am a rather anti-social person, introvert to the max, I end every post with the wishes of “be safe and be well”. First of all, I don’t desire bad things happen to anyone. I kinda stole this line from a guy on the radio. He would be on the radio doing his thing, and just before he signed off, he always said the exact same thing: be safe and be well. It just clicked with me, so I sign off my posts the same way. I’m not a total asshole, as I might come across to some people.🤨

This post may not be as intriguing or entertaining as others here; rather, I wanted to share some insight as to what goes through my twisted cranium to bring these thoughts, words and ideas to the virtual world of the blogosphere. I enjoy this endeavor to write and attempt to be creative. Will I ever become famous for it? Probably not. Will I ever make a lot of money at it? Doubtful. There is, however, the feeling of being able to express myself in a way that, in person, most likely would never come to pass. That is my main objective here. If there’s ever the side benefit of a larger audience, I’ll welcome it.

Have a good morning or evening, whatever your case may be when reading this. And, as always, be safe and be well.

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