XVIII – Civility…or The Lack Thereof

George Carlin consistently commented, whether in his comedy shows or in televison or radio interviews, that society is “circling the drain”, and that the circles are getting “tighter and smaller” as time goes on. Sure, there are many decent people out there doing wonderful things in this world, but it does seem that society, as a whole, is de-evolving.

After all, there are wars in many parts of the world. Bombs going off left and right; car bombs and suicide bombers. But that’s been happening for years now. Then there’s our “first world problems” over here in the United States. No, there aren’t bombs blowing up everywhere, but we do have some equivalents. The media exposes people to “mass shootings” on a weekly basis. Some nutjob goes and mows down a bunch of people because they’re pissed off at something. Schools, churches, nightclubs, supermarkets, they don’t care. They’re mad, and they’re hell-bent on killing as many people as possible. Of course, the media outlets have to spout the person’s name everywhere, making them a sort of pseudo-celebrity, which is probably something they wanted in the first place. They get their “15 minutes of fame” by committing mass homicide. Some of them, to avoid the consequences of their actions, kill themselves—which to me is simply saving the taxpayers the costs of jail and a trial, which can get lengthy (look at OJ Simpson or the McMartin preschool cases. Those just dragged on like the Energizer bunny, costing millions to prosecute).

Another kind of hysteria happening in this oh-so great country of ours: riots. Cop kills someone, or some other kind of perceived social injustice was committed, people go riot. Destroy buildings and property, loot businesses and commit crime in the name of justice? Or block traffic on a major freeway, risking getting their asses run over? I don’t get these people’s mentality, but whatever. To top it off, the media loves to inflame the situation. The only stories the media seems to run are when a white cop kills a black person (oh, I’m sorry, person of color😮, god forbid I be politically incorrect! 🙄🤦‍♂️) whether or not the black person was guilty. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t recall anytime recently when you see a news story on [insert name of news outlet here] a black person killing a white person, or blacks killing blacks. Another thing that’s always piqued my curiosity: why is it that “hate crimes” are those committed against any “minority” (especially blacks and homosexuals)? Shouldn’t ALL crimes be labeled as “hate crimes”? After all, does anyone commit a crime out of love? I’ve always imagined something like this: two guys are on the street, one says to the other hey, man, I love you, but I’m going to steal your wallet and kill you anyway.

Speaking of perceived social injustice, how about what I call the “Burger King mentality” of the United States? I want everything my way, the way I want it, when I want it. Me, me, me. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Oh, and I’m not paying for it! In fast food, that’s one thing. Your burrito and burger are not made ahead-of-time, sitting under a warmer, unlike 40 years ago. But go to a fancy restaurant, and ask the executive chef to alter their recipes. You might just get booted!

On the “gimme, I’m entitled” subject, are people so fucking cheap now that they can’t buy ketchup at the store anymore? Do four-gram packets of ketchup or taco sauce taste that much better? Does a person really need 30 mild sauces for their single, cheap-ass one-dollar Taco Bell bean burrito? Last I checked, you can buy Taco Bell taco sauce at the store, and there’s fifteen brands of ketchup available. Quit being so goddamned cheap and buy some! If the person in the drive-thru forgets, that’s one thing. Why do you get so few sauces? Because corporate tells the lowly employee that those packets containing four grams of sauce are like gold (they do cost money, and those one or two cents a pack add up over a year). Taco Bell once had a policy of ONE sauce packet and ONE napkin for every TWO items. Okay, one napkin for two huge burritos is rather stingy, admittedly. But there should be a reasonable limit. Didn’t get enough in the drive-thru? Walk inside and ask for more. Is that such a hard concept? Or does laziness win? Just be reasonable and respectful. Don’t be like one bitch in Santa Ana, California. She got pissed she didn’t get enough ketchup, so she enters Mickey D’s through the back door and fights and chokes the manager on duty. Needless to say she’s now in jail, and probably will never be going back to that particular McDonald’s. Folks, I get it that ketchup is precious for some, but really? Physically assaulting someone over it? Isn’t that a little overboard? By the way, I tried to find other clips of fights in fast food, many over petty shit, but I’m not going to subject you to those stupid ads out there. Why does seemingly every video on the internet have to have an ad in it? 🤬 Don’t we get enough of that everywhere else? I’ll save that rant for another post…

It would be so nice if civility could reign once again. Maybe it’s the holiday season that’s got everyone on edge. Maybe it’s a sign of something bigger that’s been hidden, but is starting to fester. Whatever the case, let’s just do our small part to maintain what little sanity and civility still exists in our little corners of the world. Try to have a pleasant day, be safe and be well.

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