XXII – Final Thoughts of 2018

Today is Sunday, 30 Dec 2018. The time has come to bid farewell to another year. We’re about to close out 2018 and enter into 2019. Out with the old year, into the new one. Cliché, yes, but it holds true. One thing I think about as this year comes to a close, I think is best described in this clip from the television show M*A*S*H. It seems like what we most desire is that a new year is better than the previous one. Sometimes it happens; usually, though, we end up disappointed.🤷‍♂️

Some people decide they want to create some kind of “New Year’s resolution,” a goal that they want to set for the coming year. That’s fine and all, but what usually happens? First, they set a really lofty goal that is typically unattainable, thereby setting themselves up for failure before they’ve even begun; second, these same people usually don’t write down their resolutions or goals. It is said that an unwritten goal is just a wish. I don’t know who said it, but the reason behind this is that by putting a goal in writing, it gives you a chance to plan, like a roadmap. I know that for myself, if I don’t write something down (whether it be an idea for my blog or something as mundane as a shopping list), I tend to forget whatever it is. I really don’t know of that’s because I have a lot on my mind, or if I’m just getting old.👴🤔

Anyway, I never quite got the whole “new year, new me” bullshit. What? Just because we’ve completed a circle around the Sun, I should change? Fuck that! Sure it’s a new year, but I’m just the same old asshole I’ve always been, only maybe a little older, more cantankerous and depression-laden.

I’ve been wondering: is the fruit called orange because of the color, or is the color called orange because of the fruit? What about eggplants? Which is it? Is it egg or plant? Why can’t it make up its mind?! Why are those little fruits called blueberries? That’s such a misleading name! The fruit itself is actually purple. If you cut one in half, the inside of a blueberry is green, and if they’re cooked, they start to take on a reddish color. What the hell?! Now I’m confused…

A lot of famous people died in 2018, such as George and Barbara Bush (he was president in the late 80s, she was his wife); Anthony Bourdain, the guy on TV who would travel the world and eat some really weird shit; Stephen Hawking—the world’s IQ dropped a point or two with his passing; Harry Anderson, the judge on the comedy Night Court, Verne Troyer, aka “Mini Me” from Austin Powers; the last living Munchkin from the original Wizard of Oz; some rapper dude got murdered; the Old Man from Pawn Stars (“I’m Rick Harrison, and now it really is my pawn shop”—too soon?); Aretha Franklin; Burt Reynolds; and probably the most well-known, Stan Lee.😭 You know, the creator of practically the entire Marvel universe. Excelsior! Many others died, as well, but I’m not going to list them all. Since Stan Lee was an inspiration to many, I feel compelled to include this video, which is a message from him about inclusiveness.

This is how I’m sure many people feel in society today:

Me: How could things get any worse?

Nature:  Challenge accepted.

Not everything is all bad. I have a job that I don’t dread going to. I haven’t had any really depressed episodes recently. Christmas and all of its respective commercialism is over (cue the massive lines to return to the stores all the crap that wasn’t liked, and that people way overspent to purchase, as well as the discounted Christmas crap, as well as the sappy, drippy, lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day bullshit🤮—I’ll save that for another post).

Yes, 2018 is almost history. Come Tuesday, 01 January, don’t forget to write “19” for the year—I’m 100% certain that someone will write the date as 01/01/18. You know, I just thought of something. Could it be that the reason the world is melting down and going to hell in a handbasket is that this century is still in its angsty teenage phase? Could it be that once the century is of legal drinking age (i.e., 2021) everything will get better?🤣 Perhaps this is hyperbole, perhaps I’m being silly, but it is a definite possibility…

And so, my final post for the year 2018 comes to an anti-climactic close. This has been an enjoyable last 23 weeks on this blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it. May the coming year 2019 be a “damn sight better” than 2018. Don’t forget to go like my new Facebook page, titled, just like this blog, “Ray’s Rants of the Week”. Celebrate the new year, have a party, watch the ball drop at home, sleep when the clock strikes midnight, do whatever your heart desires. Whatever you do to ring in the new year, and until we meet again in 2019, be safe and be well.

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