XXIII – The Wall of Shame

So, here we are, a week into 2019. Where does the time go? Hell if I know. It seems like each year flies by faster than the previous one.

Everyone’s good ol’ President (for better or worse, like him or not🙄🤮) Donald Trump is not caving in on his demands for a border wall, like the petulant little spoiled child he is—acting like a bratty toddler who has been denied his favorite toy or refused a candy bar—throwing a tantrum by refusing to cooperate with Congress to resume the government, despite roughly two weeks of having “run out of money.” In fact, he’s said the shutdown could “last a long time” (as stated by Fox News), or “months or years” (as reported by CNN).

So, while no one in Washington can agree to anything about any subject at all, the losers (as always) are the citizens of this country. People “furloughed” aren’t getting paychecks and the IRS won’t issue refunds to anyone while this debacle continues; meanwhile Trump and Congress still are paid and taxes are still being withheld from our paychecks, and I’ll bet that the IRS will still collect taxes from those owing this year! Take, take, take. But give back what’s rightfully ours? No fucking way! Not until the babies in Washington can settle their fight.

Now, I’ll talk shit about politicians all day long, but normally I don’t address them directly (because they’re generally not accessible). However, I made an exception on Friday. I went on Twitter and tweeted the following:

@realDonaldTrump Hey, fuck your wall! You and the dumbass Democrats are holding the American people hostage with your stalemate. Get the government running again so we can get our tax returns, then worry about your precious wall, President Dumbass! #dumbfuck #NarcissisticFucktard

Yeah, I went there, I said it and I own it. I’m actually surprised no one’s reported it, nor have I been blocked by Trump. There is blame to be held by everyone in Washington, but the majority of the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of one Donald J. Trump. Congress has passed a spending budget, but he is the one who holds the pen to sign or veto it. If he does veto, Congress needs to practice their power under checks and balances to overrule his veto.

President Fucktard has even gone so far as to suggest, according to this 12/28/18 USA Today story, that the nearly one million unpaid/furloughed government workers should go do “painting or carpentry” to pay their bills. In other words, he doesn’t seem to be caving in any time soon. Instead, until he gets the over $5 billion that he wants, everyone else be damned! I can’t remember a time when there was so much discord in Washington. Both major political parties have always had their differences, but they would at least compromise at one point or another. Not in 2019. Everyone has the “my way or the highway” attitude. Meanwhile, with all that bullshit, we, the taxpaying citizens are getting fucked by the so-called “servants” in Congress. And now that the Democrats control the House of Representatives, we’ll probably see the divide in DC grow even more (even though it’s already bigger than the Grand Canyon).

Now, I’m actually ashamed to admit the following, however, I must admit, as it’s a sign of a mistake I’ve learned from. Back in the 2012 campaign between Obama and Romney (oh, the Obama/Biden memes!), I actually believed that because Donald Trump was a businessman, he might actually be able to run the country like a business and possibly begin to reduce the debt. In the last two years since Trump was inaugurated, I see that he is actually running this country like his businesses: into the ground and to the brink of bankruptcy. He’s showing more and more every day how big a narcissistic asshole he is, and how big a buffoon he really is. Can there be, like in Brewster’s Millions, an option in 2020 for “None of the Above”? That would be my choice.

Anyone who has known me or seen my social media posts knows that I was never a fan of Barack Obama. I didn’t like his political stance, I still despise Obamacare, and to this day, don’t claim him as ever being my president, in the same way millions refuse to claim Trump as their president. However, if I haven’t quite reached the point where I dislike Trump more than Obama, I’m getting pretty fucking close. Trump refused to attend the White House Press Corps’ dinner that other presidents have attended. Hell, Obama and Romney cracked jokes there at their own expenses. I don’t agree with Obama’s political stance, but he had a sense of humor and knew how to take a joke. I especially loved his “Couch Commander” skits (seen on YouTube), the “Thanks Obama” BuzzFeed video, or Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets featuring Obama (if you really want to see them, there’s #1 and #2). Actually, I watched a few others of the Mean Tweets clips, and I was laughing at all of them.

I guess that’s a good place to stop for today—a little humor in otherwise angry post. Welcome to 2019. We have 51 weeks ahead of us in this chapter of the 21st Century. May all of us have a decent year coming up. May you have prosperity, peace, happiness and good things come your way. And remember to always be safe and be well.

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