XXXIII – Kitchen From Hell

When you go to eat at a restaurant, you expect to be given hot, quality food, prepared in a clean kitchen, held to the highest standards, by people who are strictly following hygiene and food-handling standards. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Before I continue, let me preface this post. I am going to share some horror stories from either places I’ve worked, or stories from people I know. Not every place does these things. There are many very reputable restaurants where the kitchens are clean and food is prepared properly to the highest food-safety standards, and is very safe. However, like the old saying goes, one bad apple can ruin the entire harvest. It only takes a couple of horrifying stories to ruin the experience.

The offending restaurants to which I will be referring shall remain unnamed. One might infer the places by the general terms in which I will be writing. Some places may have closed, or actually cleaned up their acts. All mentioned heinous acts are past events, and are in no way indicative of present or future actions by employees of any referred-to places.

With that said, on to the nastiness!

I was told by a coworker once that he worked at a place where, if they dropped food on the floor (such as a fried food), they would try to pick it up and put it back in the fryer, then serve it. Their reasoning? The hot oil would sanitize the food and clean it, so people wouldn’t get sick. Are you for real? You can’t “clean” food by re-frying it, you dumbass! If it falls on the floor, it’s garbage! The “five-second rule” doesn’t exist!

In many places, French fries are cooked in large quantities. They’re supposed to only be held for a few minutes, then thrown away. In fact, I’ve seen at some places a sign above the fryer that told employees that it’s okay to waste fries. French fries are fairly cheap, and old fries are simply gross. However, in many places, old fries are re-dropped to try to “liven them back up”. Actually, the same goes for chicken nuggets or other fried foods. Supposedly expired food is re-cooked and served to customers, especially in the drive-thru. The logic behind that is to reduce food cost and reduce waste.

Many fast-food Mexican places have a steam line for hot food (beans, rice, meat, etc) and a cold rail for cheese, sour cream, produce, etc. In one place that stays open all night, they have to clean their equipment while the drive-thru remains open to serve customers. During the night, the hot food is removed from the steam line, in order to clean out the fallen food and other crud that builds up (like hard water scale and food debris). Sometimes that “hot” food sits at room temperature for much longer than it should, returning to the line once it’s clean. The refried beans resembled modeling clay and the taco meat resembled canned pet food. Yeah, simply scrumptious! 🙄

How does ordering a drink in drive-thru, only to receive a bonus of breast milk added to your drink sound? Sounds delicious! NOT! That actually happened at one place, so I was told.

Just because your food is prepared by someone wearing gloves, that don’t guarantee it’s safe. Some people clean or sweep the floor while wearing those same gloves. Or they might even go scratch themselves in those gloves. I heard of one place where a guy would put on gloves to start work, and would use the same gloves all shift. He never changed them. In fact, he would wash the gloves, as one would wash their bare hands. 🤢 Ew……I was told the guy wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders mentally.

Another icky thing that happened a Mexican place: this place serves a taco-like item using flatbread (more than one use it, but I’m not saying which). One gross piece-of-shit dude, when making food, would look to see if he was being watched. If he wasn’t, he’d give the flatbread a nice, juicy lick prior to adding the ingredients, then serve the tainted item to the unsuspecting guest. How fucked up in the head must you be to do this?

I witness once a girl get fired because she had spit in someone’s burrito. The person next to her on the line saw her do it, and reported it to the manager, who immediately threw away the bad burrito, and fired her on the spot. The manager then had to explain to human resources why the girl was terminated. Definitely just cause, in my book. Again, prime example of a fucked-up lowlife that don’t give two shits about anyone else.

Now, there’s lots of examples out there of nasty people in restaurants. Like the dumbass guy who stripped to his underwear and took a bath in a dish sink at a Burger King, while posting the video to YouTube (no, I’m not posting a link, ya sicko!). 🤦‍♂️ Or, while not disgusting but extremely stupid, a Chick-Fil-A ex-employee who wrote “ching” and “chong” as names on two Asian customers’ receipts back in 2011. Then there’s the idiot Burger King employees from Ohio, back in 2012, who videoed themselves stomping on pans of shredded lettuce with their nasty shoes (you could see the shoes in the pans of exposed lettuce). Utterly disgusting. I hope the lettuce was thrown away. And yes, the nasty-asses were terminated.

Now these aforementioned things are gross, indeed. However, I’ve saved the worst one I’ve heard of for last.

I was told about this guy who worked in a pizza joint that, when people he didn’t like would place an order, he’d pee in the pizza sauce prior to making the pizza. 🤮 Or worse yet, this same dude, when girls would piss him off, was known to jack off in their ranch dressing, then serve it to them. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

I’ve been told this guy would work all high and/or completely spun out on some kind of hard drugs. That would not surprise me in the least, but still… 😕 🤔 🤨

Honestly, I think that’s one of the worst things I’ve ever heard of. No matter how badly someone would piss me off, I could never mess with their food in any kind of disgusting manner. The worst thing I’ve done? I’d have to say leaving a thumb-indentation in someone’s burger bun. I’ve never done anything gross to anyone’s food. Even where I currently work, if something falls on the floor, it gets thrown away. I don’t care how long a replacement takes. I don’t send contaminated food. It’s not how I roll. In fact, at my job, no one would dream of doing anything disgusting to anyone’s food, because they know management won’t put up with it, and they’d be out of a job immediately.

As I’ve said before, these are exceptions, not the rule. Most of the time, your food is safe to eat and free of contamination. I hope this doesn’t scare you into never eating out again. I just felt like sharing some horror stories from the world of kitchens.

Let’s all go out to eat sometime. Let’s all eat, drink (hopefully in moderation) and be merry. Be happy, enjoy your dinner, and please, be safe and be well.

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