XXXV – (Un)common Sense

Here we are. We meet again for another chapter in this saga of me ranting about shit. Last week was kind of an off week for me. I worked a lot of hours at work, and really didn’t have much time to devote to writing something. Work was a little short-staffed and those of us who could were covering the gaps. Yeah, it wasn’t easy, and there was overtime involved, but we’ve survived. Don’t get me wrong, despite the hard work, I love the money from working overtime. I wish I could make that kind of money all the time! 🤣

Anyway, time to get back to the task at hand; that is, writing another post for your enjoyment.

Common sense dictates that if one is overworked or exhausted from much activity or exertion in a short period of time, one should rest, physically or mentally, or even both. Such was the case for me last week. I felt the need to rest my brain, in order to bring to you a post that wouldn’t sound like it was rushed or nonsensical.

Common sense also dictates many things in life. If you pour a cup of hot coffee from the pot, common sense says that you shouldn’t attempt to gulp the coffee, as it is hot, and you might burn yourself. If you have a dispenser pack of laundry soap, common sense indicates you shouldn’t put that pack in your mouth, as laundry soap is poisonous. In years and decades past, most people practiced common sense and listened to their conscience. Unfortunately, in 21st century America, especially in the latter half of the second decade of the century—yes, I’m referring to 2019—people either don’t know how to, or willingly choose not to, utilize the common sense and the brains God gave them. In 21st century America, there has to exist warning labels on everything. Hey, you know this hot coffee you’re about to drink? Yeah, it’s hot. You might burn yourself.🙄🤦‍♂️ Or, you’ll see on a package of Tide Pods this warning: do not put in your mouth.🤯 Unfortunately, the idiots are everywhere. Many people in this once-great country expect everything to be spelled out for them. Spelled out and spoon-fed to them. But, in fairness, it’s not the fault of many of these individuals. The educational system is failing these people. Kids today aren’t taught to analyze things and critically think for themselves. They’re given assignments in school that don’t challenge their brains or encourage them to attain any decent level of success in life. Kids in 2019 are given social media to attract their dwindling attention spans. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and whatever else they’re using. Instead of American youth learning what their rights are according to the Constitution, and what sacrifices were made by people in times past, kids are given assignments that are either meaningless drivel, or they’re taught just enough to get by. I mean, let’s just make kids dumber and dumber, so that, once they’re required to enter the work force, they’re smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, but dumb enough to accept the shittier jobs, reduced benefits and lowered standard-of-living that is, unfortunately, becoming the new norm in this fading republic of the United States. Instead of being taught to work hard to achieve the things they want, young people today (those who are roughly under age 25) are taught to expect everything to be handed to them, that it’s not fair that so-and-so has the latest and greatest iPhone XS Max, while you only have the iPhone 7. “But, he has the newest phone! I want it! I have to have it! Gimme!”

Okay, I guess I went off on a tangent. But, that seems to be many people’s attitude has become: gimme, gimme, gimme!  I don’t want to work for anything. It’s not fair I have to actually put in an effort for something I want. I have a right to the newest technology. I have a right to everything. No, junior, if you had learned the Constitution, you would know you have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You don’t have the right to be automatically happy and instantly gratified. Go work for your happiness, bucko. Oh, but that’s common sense talking, isn’t it? I actually have to work for my happiness? Yes, you do. You can’t receive a paycheck without first putting in one or two weeks’ worth of work, can you? No, that ain’t the way it works.

If people only practiced common sense, you wouldn’t need some of these ridiculous warning labels that are on products, like these prime examples:

zipper warning
Unnecessary warning label. Like, um, put your dick away before zipping your fly!
Yet another unnecessary warning label. Gee, I would never have imagined that you shouldn’t put a hot iron on your eyes!🙄🤦‍♂️

Believe it or not, people have to be warned to remove their child before folding a child car seat, or that a hair straightener shouldn’t be used on their eyes. Apparently, they have to be told not to use deodorant on their eyes, as if eyes could sweat and get stinky.🤨 Last time I looked, I couldn’t believe that fireplace logs were associated with a risk of fire!😱🤯 Hell, you want to check out some more ridiculous warning labels (because common sense ain’t too common anymore)? There’s a list online compiled by Reader’s Digest.

Another place I’d love to see common sense is out and about in traffic. Like, for example, you obviously see a sign that says, “Right Lane closed ahead”. So, instead of moving over as soon as you get a chance, you wait until the last motherfucking minute to merge, just to gain a couple of carlengths. Really? This is what I say to you: 🖕 I don’t know about other places, but in Utah, if you see a cop, tow truck or maintenance vehicle, you’re supposed to slow down and/or move over if it can be done safely, not put your blinker on and proceed to move over, the car right next to you be damned. Hey, dumbfuck! Don’t go causing a goddamned accident, just because you want to give the cop a whole fucking lane of traffic to move freely! Oh, there’s so many examples I could cite of lack of common sense on the roads…😑

Don’t even get me started on common sense in politics! If common sense were ever re-introduced into the American political system, it would simply break down and fall apart! As a comedian stated once: bullshit is the glue that binds us as a nation. Bullshit and common sense do not know how to cohabitate, in much the same way that oil and water can’t mix. Replace bullshit with common sense, and politicians wouldn’t know what to do anymore. People in America are so desensitized to society’s bullshit that, unfortunately, common sense just ain’t common no more.

Now, it is true that a large part of this country is totally devoid of common sense. That also means that there is a small percentage of people that have common sense and know how to use it. You good folks reading this, I know you are a part of that small majority. You’re a decent bunch who can think for yourselves, and don’t need anyone to explain that food that just came out of the oven might be a tad bit hot and you might actually burn your mouth if you take a huge bite immediately after it’s cooked (unlike this stupid bitch in Texas—no spoilers, just go read it and facepalm right away).

On that note, I’ll use my common sense to wrap up yet another chapter of Ray’s Rants of the Week. May this week be a good one and prosperous for you. May you not be plagued by a bunch of doofuses who wouldn’t know common sense if it slapped them in the fucking face. May your good karma always shine upon you. And, above all (in the way I always sign off) be safe and be well.

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