XLII – Something Strange is Going On

Disclaimer: The information I am writing about this week might be considered disturbing to some people. Continue reading, if you desire.

Human beings are an interesting species of life. For the most part, we’re the highest up in terms of intelligence and complexity. We’re considered the top of the “food chain”, and we consider ourselves superior to other species. Most animals live on instinct—eat, sleep, drink, reproduce. They do things simply to survive. Humans do these things, but we also do many other things out of pleasure and fun. There are also many things humans have done over the centuries that other species of animals would never do ever.


Humans are, as far as I know, the only species that decides to kill itself intentionally. Someone gets seriously depressed, or they think there’s no other option to end suffering, so they go and off themselves. It might end their pain, but their loved ones must continue with even more pain and suffering.


Homicide: killing another person for some kind of personal gain or twisted pleasure. Animals kill other animals, but they do it out of survival. They need to eat. So, lions and tigers will hunt their prey. If they’re not hungry or out on a hunt for their groups, they’re just out there chilling. They’re not like these people who are out looking for someone else to stab or shoot for the hell of it, or because they got pissed off about something.


Along the lines of murder, why is it that people seem to like to kill people who are doing good and wanting people to love each other and live in peace? Here’s some examples of good people who were assassinated throughout history: Jesus, Abe Lincoln, Gandhi, JFK, Robert Kennedy, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, amongst others. Apparently, somebody out there doesn’t want peace or brotherly love…


In keeping with the idea of death, humans in history have decided there were entire groups of people who should be eliminated for some reason or another. So, why not just kill the lot of them and be done with it. Probably the most infamous example of genocide is the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler believed Jews to be inferior people and wanted to remove them from existence. So he ordered his minions to stick bunches of them in huge gas chambers, and killed thousands of them. Predating this atrocity was the Armenian Genocide. Follow the link to go read about it in Wikipedia.


It’s not as prevalent as it was centuries ago, but people used to perform human sacrifices in their religious ceremonies. Tie a person up on an altar or a stake and kill the poor sap in the name of their various gods. It happened in Biblical times, it happened in ancient Mayan and Aztec ceremonies. It might still happen today in some obscure place and tribe.


In caveman days, sometimes people would go kill other humans for food in times of extreme desperation. Some animal species do some form of cannibalism, but not very many. Unfortunately, there are times in human history where people have, out of extreme hopelessness and hunger, killed another human in order to survive. One of the more recent incidents of recent cannibalism was the Donner Party. Crossing the country by wagon train, they got stuck in a huge snow storm around present-day Reno, Nevada. Unable to turn around, and help unable to reach them for months, their food and supplies dwindled, until they got to the point where they consumed the deceased settlers to sustain themselves (of the original 87 settlers, only 48 survived to reach their destination). Another example, though in this case, deliberate and disturbing, was Jeffrey Dahmer. For the uninformed, Dahmer was a serial killer who was known to dine off of the flesh of his victims. Though unemployed, he was always known to be cooking food for himself. Turns out, he was eating his dismembered victims. Some of the bodies he disposed of in a vat of acid. He was eventually caught because of the foul stench coming from his house. Thank god he was killed in jail.


To round out this list of disturbing human activities, some people participate in this rather disturbing pastime. It is basically engaging in sex with someone who has died. Imagine how demented this is: screwing a corpse. I don’t know what kind of demented excitement some people get out of this🤮. The late George Carlin I think said it best in one of his HBO comedy shows: “A rat will do a lot of gross things, but he will not fuck a dead rat. It wouldn’t even occur to him…we gotta be the most interesting critters on the planet.”

Ah yes, human behaviors, not generally shared amongst other species. We have evolved some, but not substantially. There are still those people who operate in “fight or flight” mode, acting like everyone is out to get them.

People are definitely interesting. Sometimes one of the most entertaining activities is to sit in the mall, or at a street café in a large city, or at the beach, and just watch people—listen to them, eavesdrop on a partial conversation or just watch some weirdo walk by, or see some kid causing a scene for some motive, or even witness a parent smack their kid because they’re misbehaving. You know where I’d like to sit and people-watch for one day? Fremont Street in Las Vegas. Watch people zip-lining above the street, or seeing people getting drunk with their huge, weirdly-shaped cups full of alcohol freezes. I wouldn’t even have to do anything, just sit and watch. I’m sure there’s a ton of entertainment waiting to happen.

Hopefully, you good folks don’t take part of any of these disturbing acts mentioned above. I trust you to go about your daily lives and enjoy yourselves in an un-disturbing manner. I grant this was a kinda weird subject this week. But, sometimes ya just gotta be weird and bizarre🤪! Until next week, be safe and be well.

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