LXI – Music For All Occasions

The other day, I saw a post someone shared on Facebook. It was one of those lists, where there would be something like 30 things, and someone would comment a number and the person would reply back whatever the number mentioned. For example, person B would comment “10”, and number 10 on the list says “favorite color”; so person A would reply red.

So instead of reposting on said social media, I decided to make a blog post about it, because why not? This list is about music—different songs for one thing or another. The song genres kinda go all over the place, but that’s my musical taste—a little of this, a little of that. Without further ado, let’s go:

1. A song you like with a color in the title

Even though it quickly becomes annoying, Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65.

2. A song you like with a number in the title

A cool one is Tommy Tutone’s 867-5309. On a side note, if you dial that number in the 435 area code [(435) 867-5309] you will reach a pawn shop in Cedar City, Utah.

3. A song that reminds you of summertime

I would have to say Summertime Blues by Alan Jackson

4. A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about

I would just as soon forget everything related to Christmas, so let’s put in here Weird Al’s The Night Santa Went Crazy. This song actually has two versions. There’s the regular one (where Santa ends up in jail after blowing up the workshop, torturing the elves and murdering most of the reindeer) and an “extra gory” version, where Santa gets his brains blown out in a shootout by some SWAT snipers. Okay, I’m morbid and macabre in that respect.

5. A song that needs to be played loudly

A couple of good songs to play loudly are both by AC/DC: Highway to Hell and Moneytalks.

6. A song that makes you want to dance

Since I don’t dance (really I hate dancing, and if I did, I’d look like an idiot), I’ll pick a good workout song. I don’t care what the lyrics say, but Rick Astley’s Together Forever is a damn good song for the gym. It has an excellent beat for walking on a treadmill.

7. A song to drive to

So many songs are great driving songs. Anything with a fast beat. If I had to pick one, Hold On Loosely by 38 Special. No particular reason, other than it’s in my road trip playlist on Spotify.

8. A song about drugs or alcohol

Again, many possibilities, but let’s go with Last Dance with Mary Jane by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. The lyrics make me think of marijuana (“last dance with Mary Jane, one more time to kill the pain”).

9. A song that makes you happy

I don’t know about happy, but I do know that Wang Chung’s Everybody Have Fun Tonight is just one of those songs you’d hear at a party and people would dance to it. And, it has that silly lyric Everybody Wang Chung tonight. At first I thought, what the fuck does it mean to “Wang Chung tonight”? So I searched it online. According to the artist, it means whatever you want it to mean👍.

10. A song that makes you sad

The last time I heard Daddy’s Hands by Holly Dunn was at my dad’s funeral in 2007. To this day, if I hear the beginning notes of the song somewhere, I have to distract myself or leave where it’s playing. My dad’s passing affected me greatly, though I may not show it. I miss my dad greatly (as I know my mom and siblings do as well); I just avoid dwelling on it.

11. A song you never get tired of

You’ll get tired of any song if you listen to it long enough. However, I really like No More Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper. Maybe I should make that my motto from now on? Just stop being nice to everyone. Maybe that’ll help my mental state.

12. A song from your preteen years

My “preteen” years were between 1972 and 1984, so why not choose Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles. It was the very first music video played on MTV on 01 Aug 1981, and it seems to have been kinda prophetic. With the advent of video, and today’s social media and video services, many “singers” get by with zero talent (look at Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj🤮).

13. Favorite 80s song

I think that would be Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. It has to be the Steve Perry version, though. No offense to Arnel Pineda, but it doesn’t quite have the same kick🤷‍♂️.

14. A song that you would love to played at your wedding

I’m never going to get married again (even after divorcing, it just ain’t gonna happen…don’t need a judge’s permission and a paper from the state to like and want to live with someone), but a good one for a wedding would be Waiting for a Girl Like You by Foreigner. A good one to play if your daughter is getting married is called I Loved Her First by the country group Heartland.

15. A cover by another artist

Believe it or not, Sinéad O’Connor’s Nothing Compares 2 U is actually a cover. I believe the original was recorded by Prince. Also, if you’re familiar with the group Bowling for Soup, their song 1985 is a re-recording of the one by the group SR-71.

16. A favorite classical song

Classical music, huh? Hmmm🤔. I’m not sure about favorite, as I don’t care much for classical, but I think of the William Tell Overture (once used as the theme for the “Lone Ranger” TV series back in the day)

17. One that you would sing a duet with on karaoke

Ha! Like I would ever embarrass myself and sing karaoke. GTFOH with that one!

18. One from the year you were born

Let’s see, I was born in 1972. I just did a search for songs from 1972, and I didn’t think there were so many good ones🤯. Elton John’s Rocketman; Lean on Me by Bill Withers; Summer Breeze by Seals & Crofts and Albert Hammond’s It Never Rains in Southern California are good ones.

19. Makes you think about life

I guess Trip Around the Sun by Jimmy Buffett and Martina McBride is a good one. It’s about celebrating yet another birthday🥳.

20. Has many meanings to you

Let’s see…Burnin’ For You by Blue Öyster Cult…is the singer really into the subject of the song? Or is the singer on fire, and is literally burning🤔🥵? Don’t try to explain it, I know the answer🙄.

21. Has a person’s name in it

There are many songs with someone’s name in it. Two that comes to mind right off are Rosanna by Toto and Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ Come on Eileen

22. A song that moves you forward

Moves me forward? In what way? I don’t understand in what way this refers to…

23. A song that you think everyone should listen to

I haven’t listened to it in a while, but a good one is We Shall Be Free by Garth Brooks. The lyrics might seem like it only happens in a perfect world, or that it might be a pipe dream, but it has a good message for everyone.

24. A song by a band you wish were still together

It seems like all the good bands are either disbanded, retired or in the process of ending due to age.

25. A song by an artist no longer living

A good one with a deep meaning is Under Pressure by Queen/David Bowie. Most of Queen might still be around, but both David Bowie and Freddie Mercury are dead. So there’s that.

26. A song that makes you want to fall in love

Fall in love? Love is simply a four-letter word. A foul one at that. It’s also a non-existent concept for fools, in my humble little opinion. So, we’ll just take a hard pass on this one.

27. A song that breaks your heart

One song that definitely has a heartbreaking message behind it is Fastball’s The Way. I took the liberty of finding a page that talks a little about it. Read the story then listen to the song to understand (the page has the music video embedded).

28. A song by an artist whose voice you love

I don’t think that I love anyone’s voice. I’m not even sure how I would answer this one.

29. A song that you remember from your childhood

Again, my childhood was in the 1970s, so I’ll choose a song released in 1978: September by Earth Wind and Fire

30. A song that reminds you of yourself

Okay, here’s a couple: Dare to be Stupid by Weird Al. Because, hey, I usually do stupid shit🤦‍♂️. Then there’s Bowling for Soup’s Don’t Be a Dick. ’Cause yeah, don’t be a dick / don’t be an asshole / just be nice / you don’t have to be that guy. Oh, I’m definitely an asshole. Just ask my coworkers🤪😂.

That wraps up yet another one of my weekly rants. Not so much a rant this week, but I can’t be complaining about everything! Go listen to some good music. Whatever picks you up or suits your mood. Please have a safe and pleasant week, and I hope to catch you again next week for yet another installment of this rollercoaster that is my blog. Until next time, be safe and be well.

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