LXV – Don’t Make Me Open Up This Can of “Whoop Ass”!

Many people decided at one point to have children. Some can’t; others decided against it. Others didn’t have their own and are raising others’ kids, be it by adoption or marriage. Whatever the case, that’s their choice. For those who are raising kids, you know it’s a really difficult task. Every child, being a human being, is different and has their own unique personality. I know, I have four, and each one is very distinct. As humans, they make mistakes and must learn at one point right from wrong. Unfortunately, sometimes that requires disciplining them—teaching them that every choice and action has consequences, good or bad. Praise the good, discipline the bad.

Through the years, forms of discipline have changed dramatically. It used to be that when a child acted up or did something disapproved by the parents, they would take the offending child, lay them over their knee, and with some object (be it a newspaper, their hand, or a yardstick) and spank the child. Sometimes, spanking was a last resort, when other methods failed. Other times, the parent would just go straight to the “ass whooping”. If the offense was particularly egregious, the parent would instruct the child to go outside and “pick their switch”, or choose a fallen tree branch with which to get their butt whipped. True that such forms of discipline were kinda violent, but it definitely got the point across.

Other less-aggressive forms of discipline (oftentimes preceding the spanking) included taking away certain prized possessions of the child (in today’s terms would be akin to taking the phone, laptop or other such device) or video game system. Another form would be to put the child (especially younger) in a “time out”. That would be to isolate the child, such as facing the wall or in the corner of the room, or send them to their bedroom, sans the possessions. This, in an effort to make the child think about their actions and why they received their consequences.


Now I don’t know what happened to this world, or when things changed, but it seems that discipline is disappearing. In my own case, I’m not sure if it was because I was the youngest or what, but I didn’t get the spankings, etc., that my older siblings received. I got some, yes, but not as numerous. I remember distinctly my dad having a strip of Lexan, about ¼” square, roughly three feet in length, used specifically for this purpose. Well, he worked in school district maintenance, and he went to all the schools replacing broken glass windows with this strong plastic-type material called Lexan. So, he had access to it. Anyway, kids used to get their asses beat when they acted up.

Maybe those kids are now the ones who are whining, wringing their hands, claiming spanking is “abuse”. Unfortunately, many kids now threaten to retaliate and call the cops on their parents for disciplining them. What in the actual fuck? If my kids ever called the cops on me for that, I would’ve given the cops a reason to haul me off. My kids are older now (between 10 and 20), but when they were little, hell yeah I’d spank their butts. And I think they’re actually better off and wiser for the wear. If that makes me a bad parent, then so be it.

Nowadays, you have parents that coddle their kids, trying to put blinders on everyone, hoping that if you hide your head in the sand like an ostrich, all the problems will go away. Well, guess what, cousin? It don’t work that way! There are kids out there that are running roughshod, principally because they are a bunch of assholes who think they’re above the rules. There are kids out there shooting their parents because they took away Johnny’s PS4, like this 11-year-old did. There are numerous other stories of people killing over video games.

Kids used to receive corporal punishment in school, by slapping the hand, or striking students with a cane, whip, ruler or other device. It can be seen going back centuries, however, it was banned in Poland in 1783. Some 128 countries have also banned it. However, according to Wikipedia, some 69 countries still allow some form of corporal punishment in school, as well as—get this—18 states here in the US still allow it😱. I am all for disciplining kids, but I don’t believe it should be used in school.

Let me set something straight: there is a difference between discipline and abuse. Let’s say child needs to be disciplined. Give the child one or two good swats on their butt with the open hand; that to me is not abuse. However, if it goes on protractedly or starts involving a closed fist or leaving bruises, that is becoming abuse, and that is messed up. I don’t know when the lines got blurred, but I think that a lot of kids today could benefit from getting their asses whooped a couple of times. It ain’t gonna kill them, and they might actually get their heads on straight and learn something. I’m pretty sure all these people who are gnashing their teeth and wringing their hands about the subject got spanked as kids, and they sure as hell didn’t die. Do they resent getting swatted? Or are they jealous of these kids who seemingly do whatever the fuck they want without so much as a bat of an eye? Maybe a slap on the wrist *oh, naughty, naughty!*.


Whatever the case, there are sure a lot of hellions on the loose out there. You can blame whatever you want: violence on TV, video games, verbal/physical abuse, spanking, etc. There’s definitely something sorely lacking in society here nearly a fifth of the way into the twenty-first century. I don’t recall back in the 1970s or 1980s hearing about so many fucked up people like we have today. Perhaps social media plays a role in it. Maybe it’s the ever-more-left-leaning media. Maybe it’s the enormous social divide that exists. Whatever the case, everything seems to be melting down at an ever-increasing rate. Or, as George Carlin put it ever-so-succinctly, society seems to be “circling the drain”, and the circles are getting smaller and faster.

Meanwhile, here in the final quarter of 2019, we’re still chugging along. So far as I can tell, those that I know and those who read my blog are decent people. Of the ones who I see on social media that have kids/stepkids/grandkids, you guys seem like your descendants are decent people. Keep up the good work in raising those good humans😊👏👍.

It is always my hope that you are in good spirits, and that the coming week brings you peace, happiness and prosperity. Until next week, please be safe and be well.

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