LXVI – Polarizing Foods

One thing everyone has in common: you have to eat. Everyone consumes food of some kind. Most foods people just like. They just eat it for survival. Everyone has foods they absolutely love; then there’s the ones people absolutely despise.

There are foods out there that there is no in-between. People either love them or hate them with a passion. Many exist, but some seem to be more polarizing than others. I researched some of the most polarizing foods. Though there are many, I’ve found what seem to be the 15 most common ones. Here goes:


This little herb, also known as coriander, is used in a lot of things, especially in some Mexican fare, such as Pico de Gallo, “street tacos” or some guacamole recipes. I personally love the flavor that cilantro gives to food. Others think it tastes like soap. Well, I don’t make a habit of eating soap, but I’m pretty sure there’s no resemblance.

Hawaiian pizza

Hawaiian pizza is basically topped with ham (or Canadian bacon) and pineapple. Putting fruit on pizza is a serious contention. I love Hawaiian pizza. Gordon Ramsay would vehemently disagree, saying that only meat and vegetables belong on it. Well, whatever your stance is, I’ll always eat it. I’ll agree to disagree.

Black licorice

This one simply belongs in the garbage. I don’t really eat anything resembling Twizzlers or licorice. Many people concur with me, that black licorice is dreadful; but there are those heathens that think it’s the greatest treat in the world. Excuse me while I go throw up now🤮.


There will always be a debate between Miracle Whip and mayo. It’s either one or the other. I’m one of the few that don’t care one way or the other. I don’t care for it, but I’ll have it on a burger occasionally. I prefer mustard, but to each their own.


If you’ve read previous posts, you know my stance on marshmallows. However, this confectionery atrocity is so loved by people that there was even an Oreo cookie with that horrendous flavor filling. How to eat Peeps: step one: toss entire package into garbage. Speaking of marshmallows, how do people claim that’s the best part of cereal? Ew. Gross. Get that shit away from me! Yet, I’ll eat Rice Krispies Treats. Figure that one out🤨.


Blue cheese

A soft cheese that is used in salad dressing, or used with other foods, like blue cheese crumbles on salad or on a burger🤤. Some who are allergic to mold or penicillin can’t eat it. Others think it tastes (again) like soap. Ew, how can you eat mold? Well, blue cheese is my favorite salad dressing (second being ranch); I’ll even use it to dip chicken into (by the way blue cheese burgers are absolutely bomb).


Those little salty, briny black or green things should be banished from existence. Many little kids like to put olives on their fingertips and eat them that way. They are also weird little heathens. Long ago, as a child, I ate some pizza that had olives on it, and just about threw up from the taste of the olives. To this day, I won’t touch them. I’ll pick them off a pizza before I eat them. Hard pass.

Pink cookies

Found in the store, usually gas stations, those sugar cookies with that pink frosting. Dry as fuck and absolutely flavorless. I’ll eat the pink frosting, but I can’t stomach the cookie part. But then, I’m not a fan of sugar cookies, period. Give me the oatmeal raisin (or oatmeal cranberry) or chocolate chip cookies, thank you very much. But you can keep the pink cookies.

White Chocolate

This stuff can’t be legally called “chocolate”, as it contains no cocoa solids (thus leaving it devoid of color). It is used interchangeably with milk or dark chocolate for some people. It has its place and uses, like with raspberries on cheesecake. But it doesn’t really taste like anything, I think. I’m really neither for nor against it. I don’t hate it, but I’m not a fan and wouldn’t eat it plain.


Now this is something relatively few people eat. Absolutely must be the grossest pizza topping in existence (I’d eat olives and mushrooms before anchovies). I don’t personally know anyone that eats those vile things.

Candy corn

One of my Facebook friends mentioned that candy corn is the Nickelback of Halloween candy. Many people despise candy corn. It has its fans, though. That is one candy I will not touch, as the flavor is appalling to me. I did recently make a cake that looks like candy corn. That I did eat and enjoy.

candy corn

Macaroni & cheese

Y’all know my stance on this stuff. Seemingly everyone in America loves mac & cheese. No one “just likes it”. Some eat it out of necessity (it is considered a “broke food”), others dress it up like it’s gourmet dining. However you eat it, you can have that crap. I’m sure there is someone out there who agrees with me.

American cheese

Another bastardized culinary creation, American slices aren’t even real cheese. Very little cheese solids go into it, but mostly chemicals, oil and other crap make it up. It’s used primarily because it’s cheaper for restaurants than real cheese, and because it melts evenly on sandwiches and hamburgers. But seriously, if you have a choice of cheese, why one would select American over cheddar, Swiss or various others is beyond me.


Whichever animal’s filter organ you decide to eat, you go eat it over there. When I’m working at Golden Corral, the number of old people who go after the liver is astounding. I have a hard time dealing with the smell of it cooking, much less the taste. And I have tried it. It’s gross. Beef liver is bad enough, but chicken liver? That shit is foul as fuck! People eat it every day, and I cook it, but I avoid smelling them at all costs. Think about it. The liver is the shit filter of the body. It would follow then that it would taste like shit. Gross, vile, foul, nasty and every other synonym you can think of. Like I said, if you want to eat liver, go over there.

Circus Peanuts

What the fuck is this stuff made from, anyway? Candy corn might be a hated Halloween candy, but circus peanuts have to be at the dead bottom of the list. Orange in color and shaped like a peanut, its texture resembles that of Styrofoam. It’s said they’re made of marshmallow and taste like banana. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like it was teleported from another planet, and it should be utterly annihilated from existence.

Are there other polarizing foods you know of? Is there something you hate that everyone else seems to absolutely love? There are other foods that polarize opinion throughout the world, but we’ll stop here. We’ll all agree to disagree on what we like and dislike.

We’ll all agree, though, that another week has passed, and a new one is commencing. On that note, I shall sign off for another week. Until the next rant next Sunday, to all of you out there, wherever you may be, be safe and be well.

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