LXIX – The Politically Correct Looney Bin

It is natural for languages to evolve. People don’t speak in Biblical terms (thee, thou, thy, thine, etc.) anymore. Even some language from the 20th century has become antiquated. However, the current level we’ve evolved (or should I say “de-evolved”) to is in part scary, and in part absolutely ridiculous.

Certain language has become vilified and ostracized (many terms rightfully so), and others are coming about that leave me scratching my head and thinking what the fuck? Many terms that were once ubiquitous are looked upon with utter hatred. Examples include the dreaded “n-word” once used to pejoratively describe black people. Many others were equally racially or ethnically pejorative and their use is now considered unacceptable.

Ever since the late 80s to early 90s, there’s been a humongous increase in “politically correct” (PC) language. That is, wording that minimizes offense. Most of it is euphemistic and tries to hide the truth behind a bunch of lingo and jargon. For example, it is frowned upon to say someone is old. They’re “senior citizens”. That one is so deeply entrenched in American society that it will always prevail. Granted, some of these “senior citizens” are really nice people. But there are some that definitely deserve to be called “old farts”, because their attitude stinks big time.

Another PC thing is this whole hoopla about race. It’s gotten to where you can’t call someone black, Oriental, or even Latin. You have to now hyphenate everything: African-American, Asian-American, etc. Actually, the latest line of bullshit I’ve seen is some people with elevated melanin levels get pissed when they’re called anything other than “people of color”. I’m a white dude. Isn’t white a color? Aren’t all people “people of color”?

I would love to see our language go back to a simple, honest manner of speaking. All this euphemistic jargon is nothing but a huge, steaming crock of crap. One good example is this: back during World War I and prior, people who experienced massive trauma and their nervous systems were on overload (for example, returning soldiers) suffered a condition called shell shock. Two words, two syllables, it easily conveyed the message. You knew what it was. Today, it has exploded into four words using eight syllables: post-traumatic stress disorder. Yes, not just soldiers get that. Any traumatic experience can trigger it. But why is it so much more comfortable to say “PTSD” than “shell shock”? Just because you change the name of a condition doesn’t mean it’s different or any less painful🤦‍♂️.

It’s not just in this respect that political correctness is insane. Do people get offended when you say you need toilet paper? Why is it “bathroom tissue”? What, you need a Kleenex for your ass🤨? And why can’t we take huge piles of household trash to the dump? Why is it now the landfill? You’re dumping trash off. Is it because it sounds like someone is taking a dump (speaking of toilet paper)? I’m surprised someone doesn’t require one to say “I need to evacuate my bowel” rather than “I gotta take a dump/shit”. The second one, however vulgar, just gets the point across (but why would one take it? Aren’t you supposed to be leaving that?). The first one simply sounds weird.

Remember when we were little kids? There was always that one tough guy who liked to bully the nerd or scrawny kid. The parents would teach the kid to say something like “sticks and stone will break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Well, I guess they were wrong. Because now, words are hurting and people are getting all offended by the simplest little phrases. You know what offends me? All of this bullshit of people getting “offended” by anything and everything.

I once heard a radio interview where they were talking to the daughter of Dean Martin. He’s the guy who did all those celebrity roasts back in the 1970s. In those days, the things they said would make many people cringe or even get them enraged. The humor of those days was crass, irreverent and would get someone landed in jail or sued today. Anyway, Dean Martin’s daughter mentioned, in regards to today and contrasting to 40 years ago, that people in this day and age are looking for things to be offended by. I agree with that sentiment. It’s definitely okay to be offended by something. Everyone gets offended by something sometime. But, when every little thing offends you, then there must be something wrong with you. Let’s say you have a group of 10 people, and one of them has a problem with all the other nine. Does that mean all 9 of them are the problem? More than likely, the problem lies with the one.

I’m just waiting for the day that we, as a country, lose our First Amendment right to free speech. The day when you’re controlled by the language police. Like in many countries where you’re not allowed to say anything negative about the government or leaders. In this country, at least for now, I can go up to any politician and say right to their face, “Mr./Mrs. [insert name of politician here], I think you’re a fucking asshole and a narcissistic douchebag”. You can’t get arrested for stating an opinion…at least I don’t think you can. It might get you on a blacklist or a no-fly list. Maybe they’ll think you’re a terrorist threat🤔.

At any rate, political correctness became mainstream back in the 80s/90s, and now, nearing the end of the second decade of the 21st century, the whole PC bullshit as completely run amok. Its ugly head has pervaded almost every aspect of society. There are a few instances where it has been for the better, but those are the exception, not the rule. For the most part, the PC society is corrupting language and turning simple thoughts and expressions into soft, feel-good phrasing. People are being taught that life should be fair, no one should get their feelings hurt and everything should be hunky-dory while we all hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Well guess what, Karen? Life ain’t fair and it’s sure as hell chock full of disappointment, hard feelings and pain. You will be let down, you will get your precious feelings hurt, and someone else will always more of this or that than you. Just get over yourself and live your life, and leave me and my politically incorrect self the fuck alone!

I don’t have a problem with most people. You do you, I’ll do me. Where I have the problem is when someone tries to tell me how I should talk, and eat and live. I don’t like, for example, the government trying to micro-manage everything in everyone’s life every minute of the day. Last I checked, we’re not in anyplace called Utopia.

This brings another week’s post to a close. I hope you enjoyed what you read. You may or may not agree with my opinions, and that’s totally fine by me. Everyone is unique, and that’s what makes life interesting. Things would be so boring if everyone was a carbon copy and identical. I really love a quote I recently read. It says “Just because I disagree with you, it doesn’t mean I hate you”. I just wish more people in the world understood that.

Have a great week and I look forward to you coming by next week to read my ever-random thoughts. Until then, be safe and be well.

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