LXXXII – I Just Don’t Understand

Many things in life are easy to understand; most people get that 2+2=4. Most people know that if you stick a metal object into an outlet, you’ll get shocked. However, there are things in life that bewilder me, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever understand. Some are humorous, others more serious.

For example, I never understood why when you go to one of those drive-up ATMs, you will find Braille dots on the buttons. Well, maybe not so much anymore, but there used to be. Why would anyone need Braille on a drive-up ATM? I highly doubt a blind person is out there driving🤔!

It has always been a mystery why hot dogs usually come 10 to a package, but buns are only in eights. Can’t the bakeries and hot dog guys get their acts together? Okay, maybe there are 8-packs of hot dogs now, but historically there’s been 10. Why do two hot dogs not get their bun? Does someone out there like double-meat hot dogs? As the Tootsie Pop commercials used to say, “The world may never know.”

I don’t think I will ever comprehend how people think it’s okay to go eat at a restaurant within the last ten minutes of service. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sit-down restaurant or fast food. There’s always that one douchebag that comes in at one minute before closing and acts like they just won the Powerball. Then the asshats get pissed when the place is out of something, or isn’t the same quality as it would be first thing after open. Well, duh. The place is almost closed, of course the food is going to be shit, or they might be out of something. Let me call you the fucking waaaa-mbulance so you can go get your injured gluteus maximus checked, since you’re so damned butt-hurt. Fine, working in a restaurant, your job is to feed the people, and they’re allowed to come in any time during business hours. But, dammit, at least have the decency to not come in at the last possible moment, when everyone is trying to clean up and leave, because we have a life outside work, as well.

Along the same lines, I don’t get why some people feel the need to not show their servers any gratitude. The server sometimes gets treated like a second-class citizen or something less-than-human. Some ingrates think that the server should be honored to wait on them hand and foot. Some states (like Utah) pay servers the federal minimum wage of $2.13 per hour plus tips. If the tips suck, the employer must pay the difference to equal $7.25. Speaking of which, it seems a bit strange how the federal minimum hasn’t increased since 2009, approaching 11 years. The price of everything else seems to be skyrocketing. In fact, to afford the rent of a two-bedroom dwelling, even in the cheapest place in the country, a person must be making roughly $15/hour—more than double the minimum wage. Fortunately, there aren’t many places that only pay minimum, unless you’re a server! Honestly, if you can’t afford to pay the tip when you eat out, save the trouble and don’t go out.

Something a little more controversial is the subject of gender and sexuality. If someone is one of these “non-binary genders”, more power to you. I simply do not understand how there are some 30+ genders out there. I read that Facebook actually has a list of 58 gender choices for people when they sign up🤨. I always thought there were two. For the most part, you are born with either “boy parts” or “girl parts”. I don’t understand this graphic here.

GendersHow in the fuck can only one’s left arm or right leg be female, but the rest of the body male, or vice versa? Some out there feel like they’re one gender, trapped in the body of the opposite. Feel however you desire. It’s simply beyond my grasp of comprehension. Apparently, there are over 20 different sexualities one might associate with. Back in the 1970s, if someone had told another person that they were “pansexual” that other person might have thought they liked to have sex with cooking apparel like pans. Don’t get butt-hurt, I know that’s not what it means. The actual definition is irrelevant to this post, but suffice it to say that’s not me. Probably the biggest reason I don’t get it is because I am part of one of the most hated demographic groups in American society today: middle-aged, non-liberal, heterosexual, Caucasian male. Apparently we old-ish white dudes are the root of everything evil in America today🤷‍♂️.

To wind this up this week, let me include one final thought I don’t understand. In late December 2019, Donald Trump signed into law raising the legal age to buy tobacco/vapes to 21 nationally. Some states were already there, others were 18 and a few were at 19. The idea behind this move is to reduce younger people’s access to smoking. I get the idea behind this move, but logically, it’s not going to work. Teenagers have always found a way to get their cigarettes, now there’s just a larger group of people who will simply find someone who is willing to get their smokes for them. Further, how in the hell does it make sense that a young adult in America is old enough to vote for their elected officials or enter the military and possibly die for their country, yet they’re not adult enough to decide whether they want to smoke or drink? In my opinion, federal lawmakers should either reduce the tobacco/alcohol age to 18, or raise the voting/military/draft registration ages to 21. This whole bullshit of double standards is idiotic. Make everything one age or the other. One standard should be sufficient for everyone, thank you very much.

Life is full of burning questions such as these. Perhaps one day they’ll be answered, and I’ll actually understand some of these things. Until then, they will simply remain in the back of my mind, until I sit idly one day, with absolutely nothing better to do but contemplate weird shit like this. With that in mind, I bid you adieu until next week. Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully you’ll return next week, and always remember: be safe and be well.

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