LXXXV – It’s a Bloody Conspiracy!

This post contains some conspiracy theories that have been circulating about the airwaves and cyberspace. They are not necessarily my personal beliefs. I put them out there for information, or for you to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of some of them.

I know by now that people are getting absolutely exhausted of hearing about Coronavirus, the self-quarantines, people’s cabin fever, empty shelves, reduced store hours and many states’ requirements for restaurants to shutter their dining rooms and either close or remain open for take-out or delivery. My work hours have been dramatically slashed—going from 60 a week between two jobs, down to just a handful at one job. The year seems to have ground to a halt, and everywhere you look there is doom and gloom in the media. The sun still comes up and life goes on, we trudge through one day at a time. Though everyone is clamoring, saying “stay home”; “self-quarantine”; “think of who you might infect”, I do not have the financial wherewithal to just hole up in my house. I have bills to pay, and I don’t have a large savings like these celebrities do. I have to work; even the little hours I get will help.


With all the media-induced panic going about, telling people to run around in circles and proclaim “the sky is falling!” there are those with their conspiracy theories about what is really going on.

Some have theorized that everything was created by Trump and his people to last long enough to warrant cancelling the upcoming election, thereby allowing him to continue the presidency uncontested.

Others believe that the Democrats are behind this “pandemic.” It is common knowledge that the mainstream media has been in bed with the Democrats and Liberals for years. Everyone on the political left has been hell-bent on getting Trump removed ever since his inauguration. They’ve been seething ever since the election of 2016 when the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost. She was their “golden child” or “anointed successor” to Obama. In their eyes, she was supposed to win to this real-estate billionaire who was merely, to them, a reality TV personality; who also had absolutely no political experience. The Democrats tried to get him removed through the supposed Russian election interference, then the impeachment and trials, and to their chagrin, Trump is still in office (are they calling him the new “Teflon Don”?). They see the last chance to get Trump out of the presidency is through the election. One way for the incumbent president to not be reelected is by way of a terrible economy. To achieve this, it is believed that the whole Coronavirus thing was created (along with the media’s influence) to worry and panic the people, disrupt daily life and the stock market, thereby causing the economy to fall apart. Whether or not it’s related, the stock market has fallen through the floor. The market’s record high was just recently, on 02/12/20. Currently, it sits approximately 9500 points lower. It’s dropped roughly 32% in just over a month. Enough of the stocks talk. The markets are way down, the economy is struggling. Businesses are closing and reducing hours; unemployment is going up. Not a good scenario for a president facing re-election. It’s the Democrats’ hope that their candidate will triumph.

political fight

Here’s another theory around Coronavirus. In this scenario, when a vaccine is developed, is it going to contain a microchip that will eventually be used as your identification, your wallet for virtual currency and for tracking purposes? Will cash be eliminated, and the only way to buy anything is through that microchip? Is that the “mark of the beast” as mentioned in the Bible?

Yet another one that slowly seems to be actually happening: is Coronavirus a precursor to martial law? People of this camp believe that the United States will fall into a military-style control of people’s daily life. In California, they’re telling everyone to stay at home, except for essential things, like grocery shopping, medical visits and the like. Will people going to work be in violation? You’ve gotta eat on that commute, can you stop at Wendy’s and get a burger in the drive-thru? In Salt Lake County, they’ve declared public gatherings of 10 or more a class B misdemeanor. So it’s now illegal, and eligible for jail time, to be around 10 other people in the street, apparently. Hypothetical scenario: if a large family, of say 12 people, stand in their front yard, is everyone going to be cited? How will that be enforced fairly? Update: Utah’s governor said the state was not consulted on this new law, and therefore has asked for it to be repealed.

Okay, enough of the stuff flooding the news and social media currently. Being barraged by the same shit ad nauseum makes me want to either barf🤮 or punch some kind of inanimate object🤬.

One infamous conspiracy theory that’s been around for years is everything surrounding the JFK assassination. There are claims that Oswald was merely the patsy and fall guy for a government coverup. It’s thought that there was more than one gunman, and that Oswald’s location made it impossible for him to make the kill shot. Some think that LBJ was the one who ordered Kennedy killed so he could become president. Others think Kennedy knew too much about something and was about to expose it, so it was ordered that he be silenced. There are rumors of Mafia and/or Russian involvement, as well. Whatever the real story is, investigations were botched, evidence was destroyed and no one will ever know the real truth. Even if someone were to come forward today with the true story and irrefutable proof, not everyone would believe them. People have their opinions and some won’t change, no matter what is presented.

Another theory that is out there and has widely-varied opinions is everything around 9/11. Many people think it was another government coverup. It is thought that an airplane full of jet fuel could not get hot enough to melt the steel beams of the World Trade Center buildings, and that thermite was found in the rubble. There are claims that explosives were placed on the building, resulting in the vertical collapse. That claim has since been debunked. Whoever was responsible for 9/11, it does not change the fact that daily life in America was permanently changed as a result (such as the TSA, you can’t go to the gate without screening and all the other security stuff).

For every major event out there, someone will come up with a wild idea that there’s something more sinister behind it. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s just wild nonsense. Once things get back to semi-abnormal because of “Covid-19”, you’re going to see that, once again, life as we know it will have changed in some way. Be it permanent limits on grocery purchases, extreme handwashing and sterilization of everything, or something more diabolical, something will be changed. The real heads of the government definitely have something up their sleeve. I’m not referring to Trump or the Congress. I’m talking about the ones behind the scenes. Some call them the Illuminati, some have other names. I personally believe that there is a secret group that is in control, and that these politicians are just there to run the puppet show. They’re just pawns in a larger game of chess. Things are designed to give everyone a feeling that we have a choice. Elections are already predetermined. This country is headed in the direction they desire, and we can’t do a damn thing to stop the runaway train. Things happen to fit their agenda and indoctrinate everyone until they’ve reached their destination.

There are a myriad of conspiracy theories out there. Some are just plain stupid and ridiculous. Others are facts twisted and convoluted until they make no sense. A few are downright scary to think about, and there are those that wind up being proven true.

It is my hope that things return to the way they have been, albeit somewhat cleaner, and sooner rather than later. Having to be cooped up in our houses is not the ideal situation, and even we introverts need to get out into the sun on occasion. If you’re voluntarily self-quarantining, may you find a way to entertain yourselves and alleviate boredom. To you, and everyone else who still work during this difficult time, please everyone, be safe and be well.

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