LXXXVII – Would You Rather…

Before getting into tonight’s “Would You Rather…” post, I’d like to include this little preface paragraph (or two). I’ve mentioned this before. I originally began this blog five years ago to vent about things that really bothered me, as opposed to writing incredibly long Facebook posts. After a few months, inspiration waned and it got left by the wayside. Three years later, I picked it back up, and put my posts on a schedule (as opposed to just posting when finished). That was in the end of July 2018. Here we are, roughly two years after that rebirth of my blog, which I eventually titled “Ray’s Rants of the Week”. It’s been a tremendous outlet for me, and I’m thankful for the few faithful followers I have, and sometimes surprised at the places someone has read my blog. People in many other countries have seen one post or another, usually through the WordPress Reader included in the app. But hey, I’ll take whatever exposure I can get.
I’ve found that I can only rant about so much. As I approach my 100th post, I find it very difficult to have an angry rant every week, and to be perfectly honest, the world doesn’t need more negativity than there already is. Also, I can’t just continually rant about the same subjects repeatedly. I try to keep my content varied and at the same time interesting. My blog won’t change names, but the content is going to widen a bit. Rather than try to think of something to rant about, I’m going to take a shot at some creative writing as well. Sure, there will still be my gripes and complaints, since this world has no lack of things to bitch about. I look around for different writing prompts online, and most of them are ideas for school essays and journals/diaries. There are ideas for creative writing, and I kinda want to flex that muscle a bit.
So in the future, you’ll see some posts that are more to the positive side, or that might provide a little escape from the shit show that has been taking place in this year 2020. After this post, I still have 11 more ready to go. Some are of a “get-to-know me” type, others are of the usual flavor. Now there’s a new flavor in the mix…

Many people love to play that “would you rather” game, where you have to decide, between two choices, which you would rather do. I found a huge list on the internet, and picked 15 among them to answer. I figure, in light of all the bullshit going on in this world here in 2020, we need some diversion to get our minds off of things a bit and perhaps give us a little chuckle, when everything else seems to want to weigh us down.

Would you rather all conspiracy theories be true or live in a world where no leaders really know what they are doing?

What fun would a world be without conspiracy theories driving some wacko out there to wear a tin-foil hat? I must admit, though, some of those theories do have their merits. I personally believe, for example, the one about a secret society that is actually running the show in this world. Call them the Illuminati or whatever you want, but I really think world leaders are just pawns in a bigger game of chess.

Along that line, do any of these world leaders really know what they’re doing? I certainly don’t think that Trump has a fucking clue about half of the things he has to face.

Would you rather travel the world for a year all expenses paid or have $50,000 to spend on whatever you want?

Although travel sounds nice, the world is a fairly dangerous place. I’d honestly rather be given the fifty grand, then I could get myself out of debt. Then I would work on improving my credit and maybe someday be able to have my own house.

Would you rather have a bottomless box of Legos or a bottomless gas tank?

Duh. By “bottomless” does that mean the gas tank has a huge hole in it? Or is that simply unlimited gas🤔? Yeah, loophole here. I would definitely love to have unlimited gasoline (free, of course).

Would you rather have unlimited sushi for life or unlimited tacos for life?

Here again, no brainer. You will never catch me eating sushi🤮. I hate rice, and that’s what all sushi has in common (the seafood can be raw or cooked). Show me the tacos!

Would you rather be completely invisible for one day or be able to fly for one day?

Oh, this could lead to some interesting and revealing answers, depending on the person. For me, this is a tough one. Flying would allow me to bypass the assholes on the road. Invisibility would allow me to go anywhere undetected. Would I use that for good or for something selfish? One never knows🤭! Seriously, though, this one is difficult. I’d probably take the flight option.

Would you rather be able to teleport anywhere or be able to read minds?

I think in this case, teleporting would win. I could get up for work literally minutes before my schedule and be there instantaneously. As with flying, I could avoid dumbass drivers. Reading minds would probably be dangerous, as I would know what people really think about me, or the awful things they think. Um, yeah, I’ll pass on that.

Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?

In this pairing choice, I’d rather lose my ability to speak. I would still be able to communicate in other ways, but if I suddenly became illiterate, you’d never read my writings again😭, and that’s just sad.

Would you rather be born again in a totally different life or born again with all the knowledge you have now?
Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside?

“I weren’t raised no fool”. Show me the money. I could become financially stable, then find me someone to love (even though there ain’t a woman out there who would want me, except for that money).

Would you rather have the power to gently nudge anyone’s decisions or have complete puppet master control of five people?

How sinister do I want to be 🦹‍♂️? If I could pick the five people, I’d take absolute control over them. I could make them do all my work for me. I wouldn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to.

Would you rather be balding but fit or overweight with a full head of hair?

I’m already bald👨‍🦲; just let me be fit! I could stand to lose some weight. I just don’t want to diet and restrict what I eat, and I also hate the exercise part. I read this years ago, and it applies to me now: “God only made so many perfect heads; the rest he covered with hair.🤣🤣”

Would you rather be able to control animals (but not humans) with your mind or control electronics with your mind?

Controlling electronics sounds like a hell of a deal. Animals are best left without any more human interference than they already have. Control electronics, and you could control the world, seeing as how nearly every country depends on electronics in one form or another.

Would you rather eat a ketchup sandwich or a Sriracha sandwich?

Neither one sounds appealing. Ketchup is the lesser of two evils for me in this case. At least ketchup wouldn’t give me the massive acid reflux that Sriracha would, nor would it burn my mouth and internal organs.

Would you rather wake up every morning with a new hundred-dollar bill in your pocket but not know where it came from or wake up every morning with a new fifty-dollar bill in your pocket and know where it comes from?

Let’s see. You get $100 every day, but don’t know the donor, or $50 and you know its source. What if the money was from an armed robbery? Would you be linked, and thereby an accomplice, if you spent it? To hell with it, give me the Benjamins. A free $36,500 a year doesn’t sound half bad. Shit, that’s more than I actually make in a year. I’ll take my chances🤞.

Would you rather live your entire life in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted or just in the normal real world?

But what is “normal”? I believe that’s a setting on a dryer. Who’s to say we aren’t actually living in some kind of computer-generated Matrix-like program? Or a type of Holodeck from Star Trek? Perhaps the world did end in 2012 with the Mayan calendar, and now we’re all just in a computer simulation.

Back off of the tangent, I’ll take the virtual reality with the wishes. It’s bound to be better than this world we live in now. This world is turning quickly into a shithole, society as we know it is melting down. Or, as George Carlin put it so succinctly, “society is circling the drain, and every year, the circles get a little smaller and a little faster.” I tell you, that man may have been rather profane in his comedy, but he had many insights that were spot on with the direction society has been going. Not everything he said was accurate, and some things were tongue-in-cheek, though.

I hope that got your mind off of reality for a bit. Things that have gone on so far this year are just off the charts. This year is proving that truth really is stranger than fiction. You just can’t make this shit up. I’m not sure if even George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, E. A. Poe, Stephen King, Rod Serling and Alfred Hitchcock combined could’ve ever come up with a book like this. If this year was a book, it would be one of the scariest ever written. It would also be a terrible read; it’s badly worded, poorly thought out, and the plot simply gets worse as it progresses. It would be a 0/10 do not recommend. Siskel and Ebert would’ve given 2020 “two vehement thumbs down”👎👎.

Hopefully, in this day and age, in this year of insanity and uncertainty, you can be safe and be well.

One thought on “LXXXVII – Would You Rather…

  1. Fun post, I’ll play. I’d take:
    – The clueless leaders. Some conspiracy theories are really dangerous and I wouldn’t want to live in that kind of crazy world.
    – The 50k. If I did end up wanting to travel, this would probably last for 2-3 years (depending on the countries I visited), so it’s a better deal.
    – Hmm, I don’t have a car but maybe gas for future cars? Legos would be quite cool during the lockdown though, I could build really fun sculptures and amuse my neighbours.
    – Tacos! I don’t eat fish.
    – Invisible and teleport would be a great combination.
    – Lose the ability to speak.
    – I’d like to keep all my knowledge if I could, I’ve learned so many fun things so far.
    – I’d rather find true love. Imagine the chaos 5 million dollars in a suitcase would cause! You’d have to get the authorities involved and they’d ask all kinds of questions … I can always earn money.
    – Gently nudge sounds nicer, it’d feel awkward to have control over people.
    – Well, I’m a woman so I wouldn’t like to be bald! Weight can always be changed and I’d just exercise more.
    – It would be really cool to control electronics.
    – Ketchup sandwich, yum
    – I’d take the 100 dollars.
    – I love the real world and I want to stay in it.

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