LXXXIX – Repeat Rapist Cure?

When you stop to think about it, the world is riddled with crime and violence. You have countries where bombs go off on a daily basis. There are suicide bombers who decide to take out as many people as possible when they think they’re being martyrs and will receive 72 virgins when they get to their heaven. There are mass murders and mass shootings (just look at this country in the past 20 years or so). Robbery, homicide, arson, the list goes on and on.


Yes, it gets me upset when you hear in the news about this-or-that person getting killed by someone else. I hate how the media will propagandize the white person killing some “minority”, when there are just as many, if not more, black-on-black homicides that aren’t reported. It’s just sensationalism and inflammatory to show how evil all Caucasian people are. I’m not saying all white people are good—many are definitely scumbags. There are good and bad people of all races. I just wish mainstream media was more objective and impartial in the way they report the news.

I hate when someone tries to run from the police, leading a high-speed pursuit, which sometimes ends peacefully, and other times winds up with additional victims. In larger cities (such as Los Angeles) you see this activity on at least a weekly basis—if not daily. Some dumbass thinks he can outrun the cops; drive recklessly, devoid of any regard for anyone else; and crash into someone else, or even hijack another’s vehicle to attempt to escape. Once in a while, the chase ends up with the criminal getting killed. Sometimes the asshole hurts other people in the process. Would that be considered “collateral damage”?


There are the thieves who think they can get away with a quick buck or property. Some succeed, some don’t. But the ones that really make my blood boil are the rapists and child molesters. I’m not talking about the adult couple who begin consensually, but then the woman changes her mind (or just didn’t like the deed) and says she was raped. I’m talking about the totally nauseating act of forcing someone to get laid. It doesn’t get reported, usually out of his shame or embarrassment, or that he’ll think no one would ever believe him, but women can rape men. Nonetheless, probably a majority of rapes are men victimizing women. Even worse and more vile than this are the motherfuckers who rape kids, especially the little ones. These—I can’t call them animals, because most animals don’t rape (except dolphins, and they’re some weird critters sometimes)—pieces of shit (is this insulting to actual fecal matter?), once arrested and convicted, are put in jail for awhile. Some manage to get out, and once free have to go on a sex offender registry. You can put their name in a list of people who shouldn’t have contact with kids, but that ain’t necessarily gonna stop them from relapsing into their old ways.

You hear in the news frequently about recidivism rates, habitual and repeat rapists. There are guaranteed, fool-proof ways to make sure these wastes of space are never going to rape another person ever again. First idea, just kill them before they go to jail. Instant justice is served. Okay, you can be arrested for that. Another good way to cure them is to put them in general prison population, especially the ones who rape kids. These lowlifes are always put in separate cells away from everyone else. Just put the fuckers with the robbers and murderers. Some of those guys in prison are there for serious shit, like gun violence, robbery, drug dealing and whatnot, but if they find out a child molester is near, they’ll kill the guy, and rightfully so, in my opinion. Oh, but Bubba is going to want to meet his new boyfriend before he gets killed. I’ve heard that in some foreign prisons, the rapist ends up getting raped by all the other prisoners first. I forget what movie it was, but there was a criminal wanted by both American and Mexican police. He crashes a car right near the border. Getting out of the wreck, his friend with him gives him a choice (since he’s going to be arrested either way): “you can be someone’s bitch, or you can be someone’s señorita”. Given that choice, I’d go for the American jail.

Now we know that the US justice system will never work that way. Okay, fine. Whatever, keep them isolated. We could always make sure the rapist never ever rapes anyone else again: just castrate him. And not that “chemical castration”, which is similar to a vasectomy. I mean physically cutting his genitals off. He’ll never rape again. If nothing else, take the guy’s dick and slice it lengthwise multiple times with an X-acto knife. Then, you take and pour some kind of irritating liquid on the injured member. Some good examples of what to pour on the lacerated willy could be rubbing or grain alcohol, some kind of acid, or maybe some nice caustic Drano—anything that would cause excruciating pain for the criminal. Something so painful and vile that he’s gonna wish someone would chop off his manhood.

Another nice punishment for these people would be to slather them in honey or other sweet substance and let them loose near a colony of fire ants. Or maybe with some hungry animals, like rats or wolves? Oh, the imagination runs wild. Ooooh, I like this one. Torture them before doing away with them, like in the Chinese water torture. In case you’re not familiar with it, you secure the victim to a rack—arm and legs tied down good, then you immobilize their head. Next, you allow water to drip onto the exact middle of their forehead. The water drips slowly, roughly every five seconds, always hitting the same spot, and leave them there for a few hours. We could always put them into complete sensory deprivation for a week. Or, if you don’t want to go that extreme, put them in the world’s quietest room. It’s located at Orfield Labs in Minneapolis. No one has lasted more than 45 minutes in it. In fact, it’s so quiet, you start begin to hear your blood flowing, then your own heart and lungs. If a quiet bedroom is around 30 decibels, this “Quiet Chamber” clocks in at -9 decibels (that’s not a typo, it’s minus nine). The lab says that if anyone stays in that room for any length of time, they need to be sitting down, since there’s no sound to orient yourself. A person in there can experience hallucinations, and actually go mad if left there long enough. If you want to see pictures of this room, just search for “world’s quietest room”, and you’ll see it. It’s kinda eerie just thinking about how deafening that silence would be.

Quiet Room
World’s Quietest Room in Minneapolis. Even if you like silence, that’s too much of a good thing

So yeah, let’s lock these molesters in that room for an hour. They’ll end up going insane way before that. Those are some things I’d love to have done to rapists, especially child rapists. What are your thoughts? Should these lowlifes get swift, eye-for-an-eye justice? Or is the current system adequate for them? Can someone like that be reformed, or will they just continue to be a danger? Comment here, or on my social media profiles.

This has been yet another trip into my thoughts. Thanks for joining me on this week’s ride. Hopefully, you’ll be back next week for another interesting journey. Until then, be safe and be well.

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