XCI – Mind = Blown

Life can be rather mundane, full of things you see on a daily basis. Sometimes you learn something that is just surprising, or it makes you scratch your head and you just sit there in amazement. I perused the internet and found a huge list of things that either I didn’t know, or just cause me to go, um okay. I went through them and picked out just a few of them, and I’m gonna put them here, in no particular order, of course.

A bite can cause a meat allergy. You might doubt it, but if you like meat (as I do), pray you never get bit by the Lone Star tick. Its bite causes the victim to become allergic to meat—beef, pork, etc. Usually its effect wears off, but sometimes the person remains allergic for the rest of their life. Imagine involuntarily becoming vegetarian🤨. That’s a no from me, dog.

Outer space stinks. Quite literally. After re-entering the capsule after a spacewalk, some astronauts say the lingering smell is like that of burnt metal, or searing steak. Not sure how I feel about that…


Pluto’s year still isn’t over. That little guy way out there (to me, it’s still a planet, screw what NASA says!) still hasn’t gone once around the Sun since its discovery back on 18 Feb 1930😮. Pluto’s “year” equals 248 Earth years, so one revolution will have completed on about 23 Mar 2178.

Space ain’t that far away. Speaking of outer space, if you could somehow drive straight up, at 60 mph, you’d reach outer space in about an hour.


Space is fucking cold. One last bit about outer space. It’s hella cold out there. How cold? If you could breathe out there, you’d still freeze to death. You’re looking at 2.7 Kelvin, or about -455°F. For reference, absolute zero is -459.67°

Celsius and Fahrenheit do agree on something. The Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are quite different—80°F is pleasant, 80°C is deadly. However, there is one point where they are identical: -40°. You can do the math, if you want, but just take my word for it. Or google it.

Froot Loops isn’t fruity. Despite the colors, all Froot Loops rings have the same flavor. Disappointing, isn’t it?


We’re a lucky group. Out of all species of creatures that have ever exited, 99.9% are extinct. To all you animal rights people: we didn’t kill all of them! Okay, we had a part in some, but at least we’re a part of the 0.1% that are still here, so that counts for something.

Grapes can explode. If you microwave them, they will. I don’t suggest you try it, but believe it. YouTube has a lot of videos of people microwaving grapes. They all result in some kind of fire inside the nuclear device.


Deadly food. A little nutmeg is great for pumpkin pie, but don’t overdo it! Just 2-3 teaspoons can cause hallucinations, convulsions, nausea, pain and paranoia for a few days. In some instances, it has killed people. Also, you’ve been told not to eat the pits of some fruits, like cherries and peaches. That’s because they contain something called amygdalin, which when ingested, becomes hydrogen cyanide, and that’s a huge “no bueno”, since you’ll wind up deceased (think gas chamber).

You’re mispronouncing his name. Everyone is familiar with Dr. Seuss. However, Mr. Theodor Seuss Geisel said that his family pronounced the name “soice”..kinda like “voice”. He eventually gave up on correcting people, since everyone said wrong, and just accepted it.

Sharks aren’t that deadly. Sharks might bite roughly 53 people a year, but usually only one of those end up being fatal. Cows, however, kill around 20 people a year. So who’s the true killer, huh?

Cows Sharks

The oldest land animal was born before the Civil War. A tortoise name Thomas is the oldest living land animal. He lives on the Galápagos Islands, and is roughly 187 years old, having hatched in roughly 1833. A Greenland shark was caught in 2014, and it was estimated to be 387 years old. It is thought that some sharks could possibly live 500 years!

Rolls-Royce sold the most expensive car. However, you can’t buy it. It was custom-built for the buyer and cost $13 million.

Rolls Royce

Doing the shuffle. It has been shown that in order to shuffle cards so their sufficiently mixed, you need to shuffle seven times.

You’ve probably never held that hand before. Probably because the chances of being dealt the exact same five cards is one in 52! (that’s 52 factorial, as in 1×2×3×4…×50×51×52). Let’s just say it’s a huge number. It’s 8.0658175×1067, or 80,658,175,170,943,878,571,660,636,856,403,766,975,289,505,440,883,277,824,000,000,000,000. That doesn’t even fit on one line!

Royal Flush

Rubik’s Cube fact. It took Erno Rubik a month after he created the cube to solve it. As of June 2018, the record to solve a Rubik’s Cube was 4.22 seconds.

Cube Record

There are more possible moves in chess than atoms in the universe. It is estimated that there are about 1081 atoms in the known universe, but there are roughly 10­­­111 – 10123 possible moves on a chess board.

Mo’ money, mo’ money. If you spent $1 every second, it would take you over 3611 years to spend Jeff Bezos’ net worth (roughly $113.9 billion).


Blame the bodyguard. President Lincoln had a bodyguard named John Frederick Parker at Ford’s Theater. However, the dude with a less-than-stellar reputation arrived three hours late, and left his post to get a drink at the bar next door. It was during the bodyguard’s absence that Booth arrived and killed Lincoln.

Not the only iPhone. The iPhone is synonymous with Apple, but Steve Jobs didn’t have the first iPhone. Cisco released a mobile device called iPhone just three weeks before Apple. Cisco filed a copyright-infringement lawsuit against Apple, that was settled out-of-court, allowing both companies to use the name “iPhone”. Strange, though, that doubtfully anyone has ever heard of a Cisco iPhone. I know I never had.


Maybe you already knew these facts, maybe you learned something. You might have thought, “I never knew that” after reading some of these. But, there’s your lesson for the week🤭. Once again, I wrap up this week’s post by reminding you to share what I’ve written (or don’t…see if I care🤣) and like my stuff on Facebook and Instagram. Comments are appreciated, as well as ideas for future posts. I take everything into consideration. Who knows? I might actually use a topic sometime. Until next week, avoid coronavirus, wash your grubby hands, and of course, be safe and be well.

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