XCIII – Random Musings

Sometimes the best thing to write is one where you allow your train of thought to simply flow the way it desires. You don’t derail it, but just let it chug on its merry way.

While driving on the freeway, there are signs that say a lane closes ahead. Predictably, people wait until the last minute to move over, and some insist that they must get in a certain spot (usually in front of you) and attempt to cut another driver off. Still others will drive on the shoulder as long as they can, until an approaching object impedes their illegal progress. At said point, they put on their blinker and move, as if the blinker is an automatic rite of passage. I say, if you can’t plan ahead, then to hell with you. You see the lane ends, then drive on the shoulder? You deserve whatever fate you come across.

move over
I really wish highway signs were a little more honest

Why is English so damn weird and hard? If I had to learn English as a second language, I’d probably give up. For example, there’s the “i-before-e” rule, that goes “I before E, except after C, or when sounded like A as in neighbor and weigh”. That’s fine, until you realize there are probably more exceptions to the rule than words that actually follow it (such as science, weird, counterfeit, caffeine, seize, foreign, height, and many others). Then there’s the words that are spelled identically, but pronounced differently. You can polish a Polish sausage; you could desert your dessert in the desert (you could, but why would you want to?); the farmer will produce the produce; she will present the present in the present. Holy crap, English is a strange language.

weird english
You just read this sentence seven times, didn’t you?

What the hell is this year 2020? I thought 2016 was bad with the myriad of famous people dying that year. That doesn’t seem to hold a candle to this year so far. Let’s see, we almost got into World War III; Australia became a raging inferno (estimated 72,000 square miles incinerated); Kobe Bryant tragically died; then the coronavirus spread like mad throughout the world causing lockdowns in much of the world (there is speculation that it was all a ploy to control the population, and assert total dominance—that the lockdowns and quarantines were totally unnecessary, but I’m not discussing that here one way or the other). Once the fear of the virus began to subside and lockdowns/restrictions were beginning to ease, along comes a new menace: “murder hornets”. These are giant hornets are roughly 2 inches long, and attack and decapitate honeybees. As if the endangered bees aren’t in bad enough shape, now we have these fuckers to deal with? They don’t usually attack people, but will sting if provoked. It is said that these Asian giant hornets can kill a person, and that their sting is excruciating, being described as being stabbed by a hot metal poker. In one video I saw, a guy got stung by one of these things, and shortly after a huge bump formed at the sting site, and eventually his whole hand and arm were quite swollen. Great…that’s all we need now. It’s like, “oh hey everyone’s leaving quarantine now. What do we do?” Then nature is like “I’ll show you; hold my beer.”

picard wtf

Why is it that Coca-Cola in America has a bitter bite to it, yet Mexican Coke is much sweeter? Is it the corn syrup used here and the actual sugar used there? Why is Coca-Cola so goddamned acidic (pH roughly 2.5)? Is it the phosphoric acid used to make it so that the god-awful amount of sugar it has tolerable? It is a known fact that in the US, Pepsi is sweeter than Coke. However, in Brazil (and presumably Mexico), Coke is sweet and Pepsi is not. It’s like they’re backward.

Speaking of Coke, anyone remember when they tried to pawn “New Coke” to us? It was around 1985. Needless to say, it was a miserable failure, and eventually “Classic Coke” returned, and I think they’ve finally dropped the “Classic” off the name. Lesson to the Coca-Cola company: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Has anyone noticed that Diet Coke weighs less than the regular one? A can of Diet Coke floats in water, while the other sinks. It’s especially apparent in the concentrated “bag-in-box” (BIB) used in restaurants and gas stations. The five-gallon BIB of Coke is rather heavy; Diet Coke is lighter and easier to lug around. I guess all that sugar and corn syrup really weigh the stuff down.

Remember Crystal Pepsi? What about Pepsi Blue? Those things were absolute abominations! Crystal Pepsi tried to emulate 7-Up and was atrocious. I don’t even know the reason behind Pepsi Blue. I tried it once and couldn’t finish it. It was disgustingly sweet, and the best way for me to describe the flavor was a carbonated, off-brand blue raspberry Otter Pop. I’m glad that shit failed miserably. Something else I wish would fall off the face of the earth is the god-awful flavor concoctions out there. For example, both Rockstar and Bang energy drinks have some disgusting flavors, like Rockstar’s cotton candy flavor, or Bang’s “Rainbow Unicorn” and “Birthday Cake Bash” flavors. At work, those of us who don’t like the “Rainbow Unicorn” call it unicorn piss. One more thing I don’t get about some sodas: what is the fascination of adding a myriad of flavor shots? Why can’t anyone just be content with, for example, plain old Dr Pepper? Why must you desecrate it by adding cherry, vanilla or even strawberry? I’ve tried them, and they’re absolutely atrocious!


Is there something else that comes to mind? Have you ever paid attention to the change in your pocket? Each coin has a mint mark on it, to show where the coin was made, usually D for Denver or P for Philadelphia. Silver/gold coins and special proof sets are made in San Francisco (S) or West Point (W). Coins in circulation will either have a D or P. However, in 2019, the US Mint quietly released into circulation about 10 million quarters with the W mint mark, along with the billion-or-so regular ones. It is figured you have about a 185 to 1 chance of finding one. Somehow, I managed one from my change at Walmart a few weeks back. Since I collect coins, I always look at what I get. I looked at this one quarter in particular. It was one from 2019. I turned it around to look at the mint mark, and I saw the W. I was pretty excited to find a relatively rare coin. It’s safely tucked away so it doesn’t get more worn. Apparently people are buying these quarters for anywhere from $22 to $50. Perhaps they’ll be worth more down the line?

w quarter

I guess that will wrap my random musings for this week. You never know what thoughts pop up in my twisted brain. Never the same bullshit on repeat, and always unpredictable. Until our next encounter, be safe and be well.

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