XCV – Something Weird…

A lot of times over these 90-plus posts on my blog, I either rant about something or answer questions about myself. Sometimes it’s controversial, sometimes it’s light-hearted. This week, I’m going off into a more weird direction (after all, we’re all a little weird, right?)

Let’s start off by answering the following question: do you think aliens exist? I don’t have a direct answer for that. I think it’s definitely a possibility, considering the known universe is over 13.5 billion years old. In that vastness of space, there are trillions upon trillions of galaxies, each one containing countless stars and planets. Amongst all those places, I would think there would have to be at least one planet out there that has actual life forms on it. If there are, however, they haven’t really made their presence known. You hear stories of people who were supposedly abducted by aliens, usually described as little guys with huge eyes—the stereotypical “gray”. There also have been these objects seen in the skies that no one can explain their origin or abilities. Perhaps these aliens have seen the stuff that goes on in cyberspace, like people eating Tide Pods, others with their atrocious habits (à la “My Strange Addiction”) and all the weird jargon today’s youth use online and in memes (such as “weird flex but okay” or “this MF spittin’”—whatever the fuck that last one even means), not to mention the apparent inability for most people on the internet/social media to be able to spell correctly worth a damn. Further, you have groups of people who can’t get along in any way. A perfect example of this is the terror groups in the Middle East, along with the political scene of the United States. Here, we have a political duopoly between Democrats and Republicans. In times past, both these political parties could unite sometimes for a common cause. In 2020, the divide is so large that I don’t think they’ll ever be able to compromise on anything, much less agree on anything (somehow, miraculously, they passed the $1200 stimulus a couple months back). Any sophisticated, advanced life form would probably see this planet and be like, “Nope. That planet is hopeless. They seem dumb and can’t even get along with each other. And that one country (referring to the United States) loves to lobotomize pumpkins and shove bread crumbs up a bird’s ass every solar cycle🤣.”


The next question I’ll go into: do you believe in ghosts? Short answer: no. Why? I’ve never had an encounter with one. Could they exist? Possibly.  Do I want to have a ghostly encounter? Hell no! I’ve known people who swear up and down that they’ve had a spiritual visitor. A cousin of mine worked in an auto parts store in California many years ago. He said that, on the graveyard shift when he worked, sometimes he’d sit in the office out of boredom. One given night, he claims to have seen an entity appear from the wall, look at him, and proceed to walk away and disappear. From that day, he stayed out of the office.

As for me, I’ve seen recordings of “haunted” places where chairs would move on their own or other weird things look like they were happening. As I mentioned, I have never had an encounter like this, nor do I really want to, either. My 15-year-old son has mentioned to me that every once in a while, he sees a shadowy figure just standing in his bedroom looking at him. He then closes his eyes and tries to sleep, sometimes in futility. Something like that would scare the absolute living shit out of me, especially if the figure had glowing, red eyes.

Then there’s the supposedly haunted places. Haunted roads, bridges, etc. I’ve heard and read many tales. One such is a legend that if you stop on a set of train tracks (I don’t recall the location) in neutral, your car will move on its own and you’ll see dusty child handprints on the back. Another one that is kinda frightening is the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, CA, otherwise known as “Suicide Bridge” where many people killed themselves by jumping off that bridge. It is said you can hear screams and other voices, and it gives off a strange feeling there. Many places claim haunted roads and houses. Close to where I used to live in California, there’s an area called Turnbull Canyon that is said to have its share of paranormal activity. As I mentioned before, many people claim their experiences in these things. I have not had such a thing happen to me, so I cannot say without a doubt whether this stuff is real.

suicide bridge
Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena, CA, also known as “Suicide Bridge”

One more thing I want to comment on is about out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and sleep paralysis. I’ve heard that both are scary in their own right, but that the OBEs can be quite fascinating. It’s apparently frightening to begin with, but floating above your own body and being able to move about like a spirit is exhilarating. It might be, but I wouldn’t know personally. Quite the opposite is said about sleep paralysis. You get the feeling like something quite heavy is sitting on you, but you can’t move or scream. You lay there, unable to do anything, except begin to panic. Yeah, that would probably scare the shit out of me. Again, I’ve never fortunately, had an experience with that, and I hope it never happens to me.

Rendition of what some describe an out-of-body experience to be like
How sleep paralysis feels to some people

What about you? Have you had weird paranormal experiences? Please share with me. I’d love to hear about it, if you’re willing. No, I would never force anyone to share something they’re uncomfortable with. If you so desire, make a comment here, on Facebook or Instagram, or even shoot me an email at raysrantsoftheweek@gmail.com. Don’t forget to go to the aforementioned social media pages to read my daily writing projects “The Quarantine Files” and “After the Quarantine”. Until next week, please be safe (and away from all this weirdness—lord only knows there’s enough strangeness already going on) and be well.

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