CXIII – From Where I Stand

As an introvert, I’m a mystery, because I don’t easily let out my emotions or thoughts, as I tend to keep everything inside. Not because I like to, but out of habit and for the fact that most people couldn’t care less about someone else. It’s also sort of a defense mechanism to protect from rejection.

I also tend to avoid conflict. I think one person’s opinion is as valid as another’s. Politics is one subject I strive to avoid, as many people feel that your opinion is fine, so long as it agrees with theirs or their agenda. Me? If we’re different politically, I agree to disagree. I know many people, from work or school, and they sit all over the political spectrum. They’re still decent people. I don’t hold whatever they might believe against them. Some of what I believe might be obvious from the way I talk or things I might share. Others might surprise you. I may have shared these opinions, but I think that it’s a good time to reiterate them.

If you’re easily offended, you may not want to read on.

My political affiliation is: none. I think that Democrats and Republicans alike have many faults. Politicians are, in general, full of shit and are loyal only to themselves. Everything they do is to gain brownie points so that they can retain their positions, power, paychecks and perks. It doesn’t matter if they’re the elephant or not, they’re a bunch of jackasses. There is no red or blue in DC. It’s one giant cesspool of purple toxic waste. These career politicians have twisted and bastardized the Constitution so much that the Founding Fathers are certainly rolling over in their graves. This corrupt government we currently have is only “of the people and by the people”, because it sure as hell ain’t for the people. It’s more like, “of the people, by the people and fuck the people.”

We the People
Politicians don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves

As far as left vs. right, I actually fall somewhere in the middle, however, I do lean to the right. I believe in smaller government—the current one is way too big and bloated for its own good, kinda like the cow getting ready for the slaughter. There are way too many government positions, too many unnecessary or redundant jobs. It’s also quite frightening to think that the US Government spends roughly $140,000 per second. It takes me roughly four years to make what the government spends in one second. It’s absolutely disgusting and unnecessary.

Not since 2001 has the federal government ran an annual surplus. It is fatally addicted to spending money it doesn’t have.

I agree with the death penalty, just not the process. In many cases, the judicial system is much too slow to act. Some inmates sit for years on death row. Granted, there are some who are there mistakenly, but the vast majority are there for a reason, and those people need to be eliminated swiftly, as their time incarcerated is a waste of taxpayer money. Had Charles Manson been able to be executed, we taxpayers wouldn’t have had to support him for his roughly half-century in prison.

Electric Chair
Death penalty: deterrent or immoral waste of taxpayer dollars?

What about abortion? Here, my feelings are mixed. It should definitely be allowed in cases of rape, especially where incest is involved. No child should be brought into the world under those circumstances. If the mother’s life is in danger, I also agree that abortion is allowable. The old saying of “it’s my body, my choice” is a two-edged sword. I suppose there are also financial considerations, the woman’s vices she may have, and other factors. This one is a difficult subject.

A huge divisive topic is global warming/climate change. In general, the left says it’s real and desperate; the right says it’s not true. While we should do what we can to protect resources and not utterly trash everything, I don’t think the whole “climate change” deal is as grave as the “Chicken Little” people lead you to believe. Is the climate changing? Studies are showing that global average temperatures are on the rise. Throughout the history of the world, there have been cycles of global warming and cooling; ice ages and periods of extreme heat. These cycles last thousands to tens of thousands of years. If the planet is heating, it’s probably because we’re going into one of those warmer cycles. The Earth has been around for billions of years. Our current recorded weather data only goes back maybe 150 years. It’s happened before. There just weren’t 7.8 billion people living here in modern civilization, with millions of people living just a few miles from the ocean. We may have helped things along just a tad, but the planet has this great mechanism for healing itself. It’ll happen, maybe not within our lifetimes, but it will. It will restore balance eventually.

Ice Age
Image of an ice age. Many say the world is warming, but isn’t that just a cyclical part of the history of the world?

The year 2020 has reeked much havoc on the world in the first few months. Impeachment trials; fires in Australia; earthquakes in Utah, Texas and Idaho; then coronavirus. Compared to previous pandemics, it’s been fairly mild; unfortunately, the media uses certain aspects and death numbers to try to scare the living hell out of everyone. It made it so that everyone is spraying this, disinfecting that, sanitizing the hell out of everything. You can’t eat inside a restaurant, you can’t sit inside a Walmart, you can’t even buy a fucking donut unless it’s wrapped up. You have to literally ask the convenience store cashier for a cup—you’re not even allowed to get your own. You’re expected to go to bed early (since everything is closing early, including most everything that was open 24 hours a day). Entire cities got shut down—did you see pictures of the Las Vegas Strip in late March/early April? It was a literal ghost town. You almost can’t go anywhere with anyone. Some people are not even hugging their own kids. If everyone got exposed to this, yes, some would die, but most would just recover and develop an immunity to it. Sure, just under a million people globally have died. Compared to a population of 7.8 billion, that million is about 0.012% of everyone. A really small percentage, actually. Come to think about it, thousands die every year from influenza and food poisoning, too. So I don’t get the whole necessity to wear gloves and masks for every little thing; the need to hoard ungodly amounts of sugar, flour, yeast, hand soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies; the need to close every restaurant dining room and bar; remove benches from public areas; and close parks, schools, libraries, playgrounds and cemeteries. This whole debacle isn’t going to stop things from spreading. It’s just making everyone a bunch of paranoid germophobes and decimating the economy. I guess the Greater Depression is coming. And with all the cleaning and sanitizing, aren’t we paving the way for some new superbug to come along, stronger than what we’ve seen so far? We already have bacteria that even Vancomycin can’t kill, and that’s the strongest antibiotic out there. Viruses and bacteria mutate and evolve. I just hope once everything blows over (if it hasn’t already when this posts), things can return to semi-normal, coughs aren’t considered biological agents of terrorism and I can return to grabbing my own cup and lid from the gas station and using the tissue paper to grab my single donut from the bakery case.

Photo of an empty grocery store during panic shopping and hoarding at the beginning of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

Update: since originally writing this, things are opening up in many places, but the masks are even more ubiquitous and seemingly not going away any time soon, if ever. You can get your own cups for sodas at the convenience store again, but you still have to ask someone to grab a donut for you.

Now you know where I stand on a couple of these issues. I could go on, but that would be a really long post. I can always do more another time—topics like religion, sexuality, gun rights and the like. Feel free to agree, disagree or agree to disagree. Some might agree, many won’t, and it don’t bother me either way. No matter which way you lean politically or what your belief system is, I wish the same for all of you: keep washing your hands (that’s just basic hygiene), try to stay out of trouble, be safe and be well.

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