CXVIII – Sent to My Room

Everyone who isn’t homeless has a space in their dwelling where they sleep. For some, the bedroom is quite small, as in a studio apartment. For others, their master bedroom is large, almost palatial. Some people’s bedrooms are larger than others’ entire houses. This is a little about the room where I lay my head at night.

My bedroom is one of the two upstairs bedrooms in this townhome I rent. It’s the smaller of the two, maybe ten-by-ten feet, give or take. The walls are the same plain white as when we moved in here in 2012. Once littered by my daughter’s boy band posters, those have all been removed and replaced on one wall by a shelf. The shelf is modestly sized, only about four feet long. This shelf is inhabited by several stuffed animals I’ve accumulated over a few years, as presents from my kids or something I’ve won in those skill crane machines. Alongside those is a stack of DVDs, mainly of the Transformers animated cartoons and movies, and the collection of Saw movies. Yes, I enjoy a little twisted psychological horror occasionally. Directly under the shelf is my king-size bed, in which I sleep alone. Next to the bed is a desk, where I place my phone and glasses at night when I sleep. I used to keep my laptop on the desk, but now I use it in my lap on the bed, since under the desk is a storage container that I use to keep my coin folders. I wouldn’t say I’m a serious coin collector, but I do have a set of coin folders for each of my kids, if they would like one someday. Quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies. Just of the ones since roughly 1965. There is a wider assortment I collect for myself, since finding older coins is rather difficult. I don’t go out of my way to fill a collection; I just rifle through the change I gather up in my normal purchases of the day. I toss the loose change into a jar, and I go through those to see if anything fits into the missing spots in my collections. Everything else goes back into the collection jar. The jar is one that at one time had cranberry sauce from work. I cleaned it and am now using it to hold change. One time, I had that thing almost completely full, and there was over $200 in it. Sure there were a crap-ton of pennies, but even those add up. On another occasion, I decided not to spend my $1 bills. I would gather them together, unspent, hidden at home. Over a few months’ time, I took the stack to the bank to exchange them for larger bills. I walked in the bank with a stack of singles, then walked out with $514! Amazing how things add up.

My closet contains my shirts and pants. Other than my work clothes, I have many T-shirts and some jeans, most of which are about a size too small right now. That’s because in the last few years I haven’t taken as good care of myself as I probably should, so I’ve regained my gut that I had lost for a while. Now most of my pants are too tight. However, I keep them as a reminder to get back to that size someday. I think I own one or two dress shirts, max. I don’t even own a suit anymore—I don’t go to church, so no point in even having one. I also own four pair of shoes. Three are for work and one for everything else. I see no need in a guy owning umpteen pairs of shoes. I also hate dress shoes with a passion!

In the corner of my room, facing the bed, is a television sitting atop a small entertainment center. The TV, unfortunately, never gets used, since the cable company absolutely sucks where I live, and I got rid of it about four months back. This way the cable is wired in this subdivision is downright stupid, so I’ll skip the long story. Next to the TV is a cube organizer that I use as a dresser. Socks and other undergarments are stored in the cubes, organized by item—white socks, black socks (since I use black strictly for work), tank tops, etc. Standing on the organizer is one of the old 1980s Transformers toys I received back in the day. It’s huge, like two feet high. I think it was called Fortress Maximus. I have other original toys like that stored away. I’ve given a couple to my kids. Perhaps one day my 15-year-old will inherit them.

My room is simple and humble, but I prefer that to being a hoarder and keeping mountains of useless artifacts and unnecessary things. Oh, I forget to mention that on the shelf of the closet, I have four large decks of cards. Two oversized decks of standard playing cards, and two Giant Uno decks. Have you ever tried to shuffle 108 cards as big as a letter-sized sheet of paper (8½×11”)? Let me tell you, it’s damn near impossible! I still haven’t figured it out. If anyone wants to enlighten me, I’d appreciate it! There’s a few other unimportant items in there, but that’s neither here nor there.

Giant Uno

Facing the north is a window. It looks out at the RV park behind our subdivision. A few trees also obstruct the view of really not a whole lot. I can’t really see mountains from my room, just mainly the RV park and some other buildings. If I was paying for an amazing view, I’d be disappointed.

Lastly, my room is the space from which my blog originates. Ideas flow from my twisted mind, onto my laptop screen, then uploaded to the cloud and into your devices on a weekly basis. It is here that I sit quietly and start to write my thoughts.

Is your bedroom the source of any inspiration? Or is it the source of your slumber and recuperation for the next day? For many of you, it’s also the place for certain adult activities, but we won’t even touch that subject. Not here and now, anyway.

Hell no

Always remember that you can comment on anything here or on Facebook and Instagram (“raysrantsoftheweek”) on both, or via email Also, there’s my daily posts over at Preposterous Ponderings of a Perpetually Perplexed Person. Until next time, dear readers, be safe and be well.

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