CXXV – Coming Around the Bend

The election is over. All the major news outlets have called the election in favor of Joe Biden. Donald Trump, and his blinded followers, are the only ones who don’t want to see the truth. It’s kinda like in 2000, when Al Gore wanted ballots recounted and recounted until the vote went his way. Only in Gore’s case, the difference was a few hundred votes in one state. Biden has 306 electoral votes, to Trump’s 232, and several million more popular votes than Trump. However, like the spoiled, petulant child Trump is, he still refuses to concede.

Donald Trump throwing a temper tantrum because he lost the election and refuses to concede.

Okay, so Biden will be inaugurated on 20 Jan 2021—unless Trump goes completely bat-shit crazy and imposes martial law. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past him for one second. Anyway, Biden gets inaugurated. What can we expect from him?

I can almost assuredly guarantee nothing good. His VP will be Kamala Harris, a senator from California. Being a Democrat from California, she is going to want all the same ludicrous legislation from there expanded nationally. Most people with half a notion of common sense know that California is completely fucked up; as is Detroit. You know, both are deep-blue Democrat places. We know how run down Detroit is, and how screwball California’s laws are🙄!

If you want to see everything that is going wrong for America, just look to California. But, hey, California’s insane and dumb-ass laws are coming soon to a federal government near you!

Let’s ignore California and its ridiculous laws for a second. Remember Obamacare? Remember the “individual mandate”, where paying for health insurance was mandatory? If you didn’t have it, you got fined on your taxes (and it was usually a hefty one, at that)? Well, that will come back with a vengeance. Some never had to pay that fine. Rest assured, though, everyone is gonna get hit with it. Remember how, during Obama’s tenure, gas was ridiculously high, like $4+? I can see Biden, with the Communists Democrats’ “Green New Deal” gas returning to that level, if not higher!

Obamacare’s Individual Mandate will be returning in 2021, guaranteed. Democrats feel they absolutely must tax everyone everywhere.
Hopefully we don’t see gas ever get to this point🤞, but I bet you under Biden we won’t ever see $2.00 gas ever again!

Does your state have a mask mandate? Many (including Utah now) do; some don’t. Well, get ready for a national mask mandate. This I don’t really care much about, since I live in a state with a mask mandate, and I’ve had to wear one at work since things reopened. Oh, wait. Businesses are reopening? Silly me! Biden’s transition team is already suggesting he shut the entire country down for 4 – 6 weeks. Picture Europe, where everything, except the grocery store, was shut down and everyone on mandatory quarantine. I can see Biden closing everything but “essential” businesses like grocery stores, hospitals and maybe gas stations. If restaurants get shut down again, and I end up out of work again, Ol’ Sleepy Joe had better give me a way to pay my fucking bills! Give me another stimulus, because my bills won’t pay themselves, and I’ll be damned if I get my lights shut off or kicked out of my house.

Prepare for a national lockdown. Biden’s advisors are strongly suggesting it, and he’s already said that he will if he thinks it becomes necessary.

Here’s another fun thing we need to prepare for: increased taxes. Politicians love to spend money. They’re woefully addicted to it. The American federal government every year spends trillions of dollars more than it makes. Just this year, the government has overspent by some $4.3 trillion, and the country sits at $27.25 trillion in debt. At the current rate, in four years, this debt will nearly double to some $45 trillion. What in the actual fuck? So, the government refuses to tighten its belt. How does it come up with more money to overspend? Taxes. Democrats love raising taxes. If some Democrats had their way, everyone would be taxed at 100%. You get no take-home pay. Everyone becomes dependent on the government for all their needs. No one gets ahead, and everyone falls behind. Sounds an awful lot like the old Soviet Union to me🤔. Okay, I’m not saying we’re gonna fall that deep. I am saying that taxes will probably go up, resulting in higher prices for everyone, less hours at work, and certainly no raises or bonuses.

Are we headed to a future not unlike the former Soviet Union? What do you think, Comrade?

I mentioned gas prices. Oh, they’re going up, along with electricity prices. Biden is going to do everything he can to shut down drilling and searching for oil. Huge pushes will be made to convert everyone to electric cars. I would not be surprised if plans are made to phase out all gas stations and fossil-fuel-burning vehicles.

Open the flood gates! Biden is going to cut back on deportations and rip the virtual border gates down. He’s going to let illegal immigrants flood the nation once again. I mean, why not? Democrats allow all these people in, get them dependent on federal assistance, let “undocumented immigrants” (read: illegals) vote. Boom! You’ve got millions of new Democrat voters! If people who come into this country only wanted to make an honest living and pay their taxes, I would have no problem. However, many illegal aliens (yes, I use the politically-incorrect term. I don’t give a shit) only come here to get access to free money, food stamps and Medicaid. It’s these freeloaders that piss me off. I know there are many illegals picking fruit crops, doing construction and other manual-labor jobs many Americans feel are beneath their dignity. Sure, someone has to do them. I don’t mind helping someone who is willing to work for what’s given to them. I also get that many of the welfare freeloaders are American citizens. They piss me the fuck off, as well. You know something is dreadfully wrong when a person absolutely refuses to get off their ass and get a job, because they make too much at home, mooching off welfare.

Biden and the Democrats are all for uncontrolled immigration. Our economy cannot sustain a huge influx of immigrants, many of whom will be dependent on government assistance, at the expense of us taxpayers, as if our taxes aren’t already high enough…

You know who’s another group that pulls this shit? Polygamists. Near where I live there’s a place called Colorado City, Arizona. That city and its twin, Hildale, Utah, are the home of the largest concentration of polygamists in the country. They live in their unfinished houses (to avoid property taxes) and live off of substantial amounts of welfare. The men are married to multiple wives (“sister wives”). They’re not registered as married, so the women appear to the state as single mothers of a brood of kids. The state then gives them food stamps for all the kids, while the men have their jobs. So, they go to the store, buy several carts full of groceries, pay for them with their EBT cards, and drive away in their Cadillac Escalades or Chevy Tahoes or other huge-ass SUVs. I wish the state would audit these families and bust them for all this rampant welfare fraud. It costs taxpayers a fortune, and it makes it extremely difficult for a financially-struggling family who really needs the help to get it.

I don’t talk about Biden strictly because he’s a Democrat. Republican politicians are just as bad, but from a different direction. I wasn’t a fan of Bush, although he wasn’t the worst. I disliked Obama and I also did not care for Trump. Since Biden was Obama’s VP, we already had a taste of what things would be like. When someone throws up in their mouth, some say “it never tastes good the second time around”. I compare that to Biden. We had a taste of his politics once before, it’s gonna come back, and not in the good way. Bend over, America, you’re about to get fucked, deep, hard and totally dry😵, and the only ones to enjoy it will be the rapists—the politicians.

“Good Luck, America!” Oh, and a huge, hearty go fuck yourself!
Hopefully, everyone’s not too sore after getting that big red, white and blue dick jammed up their assholes!

Until that actually happens, let’s try to enjoy what little happiness we have. It’s the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you have holiday cheer and spirit, enjoy it, even if social gatherings are limited or prohibited. Perhaps indulge in some extra holiday “spirits”. I hope and pray the future isn’t as bleak as I’ve painted, but I also remain a realist. Good luck, everyone. Enjoy your holiday meals and/or leftovers. Spend time with your loved ones. Above all, especially in these bat-shit crazy times, be safe and be well.

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