CXXVIII – Challenge Accepted, Hold My Beer!

Some days, due to work or typical dramas at home, I have a real hard time collecting my thoughts and feeling inspiration to write something. Then there are days like today, which give no lack of topics to have thoughts about.

This year 2021 is starting off to be a bigger shit show than last year. Barely six days into the year, we already have riots in Washington DC which have been, in the opinions of many, incited by none other than Donald Trump himself. The election happened more than two months ago. Biden won the election. As of yet, Trump refuses to concede—in any other election, the loser would have conceded either that night or the next day. In Trump’s delusional mind, he thinks he is entitled to remain in office in perpetuity.

To the exact contrary, many think Trump’s time in office has long since passed. From what I’ve read, the activating of the National Guard to attempt to quell the anarchy in Washington was the decision of Pence and others, and that Trump was dead silent on the issue, as he has been with pretty much everything else today, except for his since-removed tweets. Ironically, with everything going on tonight (Congress meeting to finalize the election and the whole shit show of terrorists, called “pro-Trump protesters” by the media), Trump can’t tweet a goddamned thing, as his Twitter account is locked for 12 hours, due to his tweets inciting and encouraging violence, according to Twitter. According to Twitter, if he continues to tweet such things, his account is subject to termination.

Screenshots of tweets made by Donald Trump, which were subsequently removed and led to Trump’s Twitter account being suspended for 12 hours, on 01/06/21

Barack Obama and George Bush have taken to social media with their official statements about today’s events. Both of them call the whole thing deplorable and despicable. Bush said events like this take place in a “banana republic”. I’ve also read about Pence and the Cabinet talking about invoking the 25th Amendment. In that Amendment, it gives direction about how to remove a sitting president from office should, for one reason or another, the President become incapable of fulfilling the duties of the position. Inauguration Day is two weeks away, but most people don’t want to wait those two weeks to see Trump removed from office. Should that happen, Mike Pence would become acting president until Biden takes over.

George W. Bush released a statement about the Capitol riots on 01/06/21
Barack Obama also released his official statement on the situation of Capitol riots in Washington DC 01/06/21

I tried to write this as neutral as possible up until this point. Now, my two cents worth. Most people have seen Trump as unfit to be president. Since Election Day, he’s shown exactly what kind of person he is: mob mentality, who thinks that it should be his way or the highway. He believes that he was robbed of a second term, even though the votes clearly swung for Biden. He can’t admit he lost, just like a little kid throwing a tantrum. Even Melania Trump admits Donald lost. Practically the only person doesn’t believe that is Trump himself—and perhaps Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Their noses are so far up Trump’s ass they’re able to see out from his eyeballs.

The United States, for many years, has been declining, and now is simply the laughingstock of the world right now. I can’t say when this country began its descent, but it’s looking more like a Third World country every day. People storming the Capitol is something you might see in other countries, or in some kind of motion picture. It’s not something you’d expect to actually happen for real.

Know what I wouldn’t put past Trump for one second? Right before any impeachment or removal-from-office action, Trump declaring martial law. It’s been suggested before, so he can attempt to annul the election. It would not surprise me in the least if he tried something like that—unilateral dictatorship. Hmmm. Where did we something like that before🤔? A duly-elected leader whose power went to their head and turn into a dictatorship. I can think of more than one example of this, and if I’m not mistaken, it never ended well for the country in which this happened.

Now, something else puzzles me a tad. How was it so easy for these thugs to barge into the Capitol building? Surely security is extremely tight. Do you think maybe they had help getting in? Perhaps some police department just kinda “looked away”? There is a video circulating online that shows US Capitol Police opening a barricade for a group of people. Whether it was the police or rioters that actually opened the gate, the cops didn’t so much as put up a fight—just kinda let them by without resistance. Conversely, during all the marches, protests and riots of 2020, cops were in full riot gear and were putting up all sorts of resistance.

What kind of place is this we live in? Have we all been somehow dropped into a parallel dimension? Did the world really end in 2012, and now we’re simply in a computer simulation, living out some programmer’s sick fantasy? This is not the United States I remember from years ago. Hell, the last time everyone got together about something was nearly 20 years ago, during the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Do you think maybe the person who drew up the Mayan calendar was dyslexic, and wrote 2012, when they really meant 2021? Regardless, it is looking more and more that 2021 has begun as a continuation of the 2020 shit show, as if ’21 went up to ’20 and said, “Challenge accepted!”

This post was written on 01/06/21 (06 Jan 21). Perhaps the more accurate representation of the date should be 13/06/20 (day 06 of month 13 of 2020). It truly is a strange world we live in, getting more and more bizarre with each day that passes. Everyone of one Christian religion or another is saying that the coming of Christ is nigh. Perhaps that might be the best for this world. Society has decayed tremendously; everything seems to have become inside out, topsy-turvy, backward, upside-down and completely bat shit crazy. Right is wrong and wrong is right, it seems.

I don’t affiliate myself with either major political party. Although there are parts of both Democrats and Republicans I agree with, I tend to lean more to the right. I know people who sit on either end of the political spectrum, and I don’t begrudge them of their beliefs. With everything that has happened in the last several weeks, especially today, 06 Jan 2021, I think political ideology shouldn’t matter. We should all virtually hold hands and hope (and pray, if you’re so inclined) that this political/Constitutional crisis passes quickly, and we can return to a sense of abnormal again.

I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously worried about what’s going to happen before the end of January. This country has been sitting on a precipice for quite some time now, teetering a little at a time. Unfortunately, the seesaw action is intensifying and accelerating. I hope it doesn’t result in the United States becoming like Humpty Dumpty, having a “great fall”.

Could America be on the verge of shattering into pieces, as Humpty Dumpty of the nursery rhyme?

It’s a crazy world we live in. Supposedly, there is an ancient Chinese curse that says, “May you live in interesting times.” Well, these definitely are interesting days, as in full of strife and anxiety. It is my hope that you can reduce any anxiety you might be feeling currently. Hopefully, all this bullshit going on is temporary. Until “normalcy” returns, please take care of yourself and someone else. Check in with family, especially elderly parents—even if by phone or video. Above all, please make your biggest attempts to be safe and be well.

2 thoughts on “CXXVIII – Challenge Accepted, Hold My Beer!

  1. The years, on a global scale, just seem to be getting worse and worse! I honestly cannot understand Trump’s mentality, but at least he will be gone in a couple of weeks.

    1. Yes, this is the last week he will be in office, and he has been banned from the major social media platforms–Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Now, even his YouTube account is suspended, as in he can’t upload any new videos. In no way am I anxious for Biden to be inaugurated, but at least Trump will be gone. His narcissistic personality craves the limelight and attention he’s received over the last four years, and he does not want to let that go.
      Even right now, since the VP does not want to invoke the 25th Amendment, whereby a President can be removed from office with the vote of the VP and most of the Cabinet, Congress is looking to another impeachment. Trump only has a week left in office, but Congress wants to ensure Trump will ineligible to ever hold a government position again, including re-running in 2024.

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