CXXXIV – Tales From the Gas Station

Way back in March 2019, I posted about horror stories from different restaurants. Having worked in several convenience stores, I have a few horror stories from them, as well. Some are more mild than others. I do give this warning, though. If you have a queasy stomach or are easily grossed out, I advise against reading what I am about to present.

Bloody Hell!

I back in the mid-90s, I worked in a convenience store which also had its own in-house bakery. The closing shift had two employees. One was the main cashier. The other was a backup cashier and did the cleaning. One particular day, a lady leaves the restroom and informs us that it needed attention. Fortunately for me, I was main cashier, so I asked my coworker to check it out. A few minutes later, he returned, kinda pale and nauseated, telling me that the restroom was, in fact, disgusting, and that it had been “a heavy day”. Seriously? How fucking nasty is the bitch that leaves menstrual blood all over the place? I would hate to see her house; it’s probably a goddamned pig sty. Thinking about it, though, I’m not sure which is worse: this, or the next tale of filth?

Blood-stained wall. I would’ve hated to be the one to clean that mess!

Oh, Shit!

In the late 90s, I worked at another place that thought it was a truck stop, but really it was an old, run-down, glorified gas station that had a couple of fuel bays large enough for a truck to fuel up. There wasn’t even parking for a truck, to be honest. Anyway, some of the employees were a motley crew of misfits. There was a married couple there, and both were gross. He would, first of all, brag about many nasty things, including his revolting sexual preferences and experiences, and how strong a stomach he had. Case in point: he always did the janitorial duty. One day cleaning the restroom, he said a homeless dude walked out of the bathroom with diarrhea poop running down the back of his pants. The stall looked like a literal shit show. He claimed there was shit smeared all over the stall—the toilet, the floor and up the walls🤮💩.

Scene from the movie “Saw” in a dirty restroom

Looks like someone had fun

At this same excuse for a truck stop, I was cleaning the restroom and showers, as part of my side work. Stuffed inside the toilet paper dispenser, I found an empty condom box. Okay, I thought, someone stole a pack of rubbers. Too cheap to pay $5 to protect yourself? Whatever. The wife of the aforementioned nasty couple was cleaning the ladies’ room. While cleaning one of the showers inside that restroom, she found a rather unpleasant surprise. You know that empty box I found? One of the contents of that box was discarded on the floor—used. Yikes! Finding a used condom containing some stranger’s DNA would probably have made me puke right then and there.

This is the same woman that, when preparing the morning hot food, never washed her hands after cleaning or handling money. Oh dear god, I’m so glad I left that place in 2001, and it since changed hands and has now been leveled. Currently, that property sits vacant.

Vomit emoji. That’s what some former coworkers make me want to do

Have a crappy day!

In the late 2000s, early 2010s, I worked in a fast food joint inside a gas station. One morning, during a slow period, my coworker was talking with the gas station cashier. During their conversation, an older guy dressed in a suit and tie walks out of the restroom and dead stops in the middle of the walkway. He stands there for a second and proceeds to shake his leg a little. Out of his pants falls a turd onto the floor; then he lets off some kind of smile, like “oh, I left you a present” and leaves. What the fuck? How in the hell did this guy just eject shit onto the floor from his pant leg? Was he going commando and forget to finish his business in the restroom? Was he saving it, just to do that? I don’t get how this could happen. The cashier girl was too squeamish to clean it, so my coworker ended up cleaning up the turd. Honestly, that one baffles the mind.

Poop emoji. Definitely not my favorite thing to clean up.

Bummed out

This one isn’t really gross, but it is bizarre. In one gas station I worked, one customer we had was this homeless dude, an Indian with no arms. He was a really scroungy looking dude; his appearance scared the girls who worked there. On more than one occasion, he’d ask for someone to help unzip hid pants to use the restroom. Obviously, no one obliged him. The story I hear about him is that the tribe chief ordered his arms chopped off after he tried to rape the chief’s daughter. Anyway, there was a court order that he was prohibited from buying beer. Being the desperate alcoholic he was, he would buy Scope mouthwash, as it contained a percentage of alcohol. Somehow, he unscrewed the cap, held it in his mouth, and then proceeded to chug the whole bottle. How he never puked, I’ll never understand.

One day, this Indian dude was loitering outside after close. My coworker refused to leave with him hanging around, so she called the police on him. The cop shows up in a few minutes and takes care of the bum. When asked if the officer could tie his shoes (he couldn’t, he had no arms), the cop goes to his car and puts on a pair of gloves to tie his shoes. Oh, since the guy couldn’t unzip his fly, and no one wanted to help him, dude just ends up pissing in his pants. As my coworker and I were leaving in our respective cars, the policeman was still dealing with the bum. I’m pretty sure that guy has since died, as that was some 25 years ago.

Generic bum image. Real-life Indian bum was much more disturbing-looking

Just thinking about these stories makes me shudder and cringe. I think I’ll just go throw up in my mouth a little, or go full-on projectile vomit into the toilet. Thankfully, these establishments where these events happened are no longer open. I have no clue where any of the other people involved are, nor do I really care. They may have moved, they may still be around locally, or they may all be dead. It’s all behind me, and I’m happy to say that where I work now is a respected place, and that my coworkers and managers respect me and appreciate my work.

What about you? Do you have any work-related horror stories you’d like to share? Share them in the comments, or on my Facebook or Instagram pages. Thank you for reading my thoughts this week. Until my next post, wash your hands, wear your mask where required, be safe and be well.

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