CXXXVI – Nightmare on Our Street

On the front page of the USA Today newspaper back in September 2020, there was a huge black box, and in bold white letters, it read something to the effect of “2020: An American Nightmare”. This last year absolutely was a nightmare for many. Back in 2015, when everyone was looking at the Back to the Future date in the movie, people came up with the meme that said “Where do you see yourself in five years? I don’t have 2020 vision.” I’m pretty sure everyone was wrong in guessing the answer to that🤔.

No one in 2015 could’ve imagined where we’d be now!

Finally, 2020 came to a close. The election took place, along with the entire debacle that ensued with Trump refusing to concede the election until January, the Capitol riots, and Trump adamantly claiming the election was stolen. We’re now almost at the end of three months of 2021, so let’s look back at some of the weird shit that happened throughout the year.

No matter which one you decide, it’s still gonna be bad news. Choose your lesser of two evils.

It started back in the beginning of the year when practically the whole of Australia was on fire. It seemed at one point that the entire continent would become nothing but a dead ember. Then, seemingly out of left field, Kobe Bryant gets killed in a chopper crash. Next, you start hearing about this thing called coronavirus and how entire countries are closing a myriad of businesses and everyone getting put into lockdown, practically a house arrest. Most states went into full-blown panic mode, locking down their populations, closing everything non-essential, forcing people to seclude themselves, resorting to eating at home. The media-driven panic caused widespread shortages at grocery stores, in varying items from hand sanitizer to cleaning supplies, canned goods, flour, sugar, yeast and toilet paper. Why toilet paper became scarce is beyond me🤷‍♂️. The coronavirus is a respiratory virus; it has nothing to do with taking a shit🤨.

Empty store shelves were the norm in March – April 2020, as panic buying and hoarding ensued due to coronavirus.

Face masks became ubiquitous, many states requiring them to be able to go outside your home, and many businesses mandating their use to be able to shop there. Formerly-24-hour businesses (such as Walmart) began closing at night to be able to restock shelves to keep up with demand, as people would be waiting by receiving bay doors to grab all the items they could buy. People would hoard all these things, and in response, stores began to strictly limit how much of certain things people could buy. One guy in Tennessee, right at the beginning of the whole pandemic, went to every store within miles of his house and bought every bottle of hand sanitizer he could find. He had a stash of like 17,000 bottles that he intended to scalp online, to try to make a killing, as bottles of sanitizer were either “sold out” online, or selling for upwards of $100 a bottle. Online retailers caught wind of his scheme and he was shut down, and authorities raided his house. He was subsequently ordered to donate the thousands of bottles of sanitizer to charity😂.

Image of hoarded sanitizer originally destined for online scalping, but ultimately donated.
Example of ridiculous price gouging in online stores at the height of coronavirus panic buying spree

Hollywood celebrities and the liberal news media, as well as Democrat politicians, who already despised Trump for any number of reasons, took advantage of the situation to try to inflame even more hate toward him. Granted, Trump constantly acted like a schoolyard bully. He tweeted incessantly, until in January 2021, he was banned from every major social media outlet (as well as YouTube); and in his speeches, Trump used language unbefitting of the office of President. I personally think he’s a buffoon and speaks at an elementary school level, and he definitely cannot spell worth a damn (read: his typos of “hamburders”, “unpresidented” and “covfefe”). I’m certainly not a fan or a supporter of Trump, but everyone over on the political left hates his guts mainly because he’s not the person who was anointed to get elected. Democrats have been fuming for the past four years because their precious Hillary didn’t win. Oh, I’m sure some have legitimate reasons to be pissed, but I’m not speculating, nor saying Trump is a great man.

Keep people blissfully ignorant, and you have a society full of sheep.

Okay, back to the 2020 shit show. The whole deal of coronavirus is said to have emanated from China, whether in a lab or from someone who decided to have bat soup. In the same way as how the media harped on the price of oil and gas prices during the Bush years of the early 2000s, they did the same thing about Trump and the coronavirus positive cases and deaths. You hear an update every fucking day🤬. As of this last week, the US has had just shy of 30,200,000 positive cases with around 548,000 deaths. Globally, there have been some 127 million cases with 2.78 million dead, and 71.7 million recovered. So, doing the math, you have less than a 2.5% mortality rate in this corona crap. Two and a half fucking percent. That means 975 out of 1000 people who tested positive have survived.

While death is not a joke, it’s interesting to note how coronavirus isn’t as deadly as the media wants to portray.

Why not report the positive side? Why harp on constant negativity? For one, good news doesn’t sell. If people saw the positive side, they’d just go ho-hum and return to business as usual. When the negative is constantly emphasized, it gets people watching. People get scared they’ll be the next victim. It creates a panic. It turns grown adults into cowering children. The government scares people into submission. The United States government, rather than defending the people, wants to run their lives and control every aspect of every person’s life every day. Government wants to be Big Brother in 1984. The people must be controlled like sheep. That was the way of life in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Red China, North Korea, and every other Communist, Nazi, Marxist, Socialist society. The government doesn’t want a population capable of critical thinking, knowing how badly they’re getting fucked by the bourgeoisie.

It is uncertain whether Khrushchev actually said this, but it’s like the frog in water. You can’t toss a frog in boiling water and expect it to give in. But, if you put the frog in warm water and turn on the heat, it will end up boiled to death.

Of course, part of this nightmarish shit show called 2020 is the ongoing development of a coronavirus vaccine. Some people will be standing in line to receive it, reminiscent of the lines people would form at the Apple Stores to buy the first brand new iPhone. You go have fun with that. I’ve learned never to become a first adopter of anything. Remember Samsung’s Note 7 fiasco? Disclaimer: I have now received my first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. I was not amongst the first to get it—those were reserved for First Responders, old people and most susceptible. After the vaccines became available for anyone over 16, I decided to get mine.

Amongst the masses, you have the religious fanatics who claim that the vaccine will have some kind of microchip that will become the only way to engage in commerce, and that cash will go away. They think this will be the “mark of the beast” talked about in the book of Revelations. Seriously, I highly doubt there’s any kind of technology hiding in the vaccine. Perhaps a form of the virus to create an immunity, but no microchips. Here’s a little food for thought, whether it’s true or not, however. What if this “mark of the beast” isn’t a microchip at all? What if it’s that goddamned face mask we’re being required more and more to wear? Honestly, I only wear mine because I value my job, and it’s required at work. I mean, it’s almost to the point where you can’t go shopping anywhere without the mask. Even the state of Utah, since October 2020, has had a statewide mask mandate. That mandate is scheduled to end here on 10 April, and during these last few months, you couldn’t go grocery shopping anywhere (Walmart, Smith’s/Kroger, Albertson’s, Harmon’s, etc.), or into any public building for that matter, unless you’re wearing some kind of facial covering. Even after the mandate here is over, many businesses will still require the masks; as it will be their prerogative, not a statewide requirement. As I said previously, masks might or might not be the “mark of the beast”, but it is definitely a possibility…

Religious types everywhere think the “Mark of the Beast” is a microchip, but what if it isn’t?

What do you think? Are we currently full-speed on the highway to hell? Is the country headed to the brink of ruin? Will things get worse before they get better? Will we ever be able to go back to some semblance of normal, without the mask and Plexiglas cashier shields? Is this the way things are going to be from now on? What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment below, on my social media (Facebook/Instagram) or email them to me (

I guess the continuing shit show from last year turned into a political rant. But that’s what you get from me: random, free-flowing hostility. I’m like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. Take care of yourselves, and help take care of someone else. Everything is weird and a mess right now. Eventually things will (hopefully) straighten themselves out and we can go on with our semi-abnormal lives. Until then, keep apart from others (my normal routine), wear your mask when you have to, wash your hands, be safe and be well.

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