CXXXIX – That Don’t Exist…Just Yet

Ours is a world of technology and innovation. So many things have been invented over the last couple hundred years that have improved our way of life and made once-difficult chores easier. However, even with all these wonderful inventions, it leads me to wonder why some things haven’t been invented yet, or if they have been, why they’re not widely available. Is it cost concerns? Is it a “niche item”? I searched the internet and found some things that would be awesome if they existed commercially. I’ve listed 14 different ones in this post.

Dryer that folds laundry automatically

We have Wi-Fi enabled washers and dryers, and dryers that use steam to reduce wrinkles. Why isn’t there a dryer that, when the drying cycle is complete, will fold the laundry and you get it from a compartment?

Ah, folded laundry. Wouldn’t it be great if it folded itself?

Self-making bed

Some people will make their beds religiously every day; others couldn’t give a crap. I like my bed made (though I don’t do it daily), but it’s one tedious chore I’d rather avoid.

Anti-fog glasses

As someone who wears glasses, this would be a godsend. I walk into the freezer at work, and upon exiting, my glasses immediately fog over and I can’t see (or working around steam, same thing). Why isn’t there a material that can help me see without fogging up?

The bane of existence for everyone with poor eyesight: fogged-up glasses

Zip-lock bags in cereal boxes

Why haven’t Kellogg’s, Post, General Mills and the other “big cereal” companies put a re-closeable bag inside their cereal boxes yet? Outfits like Malt-O-Meal have such a thing, but the others seem to think that cereal won’t go stale in a closed cardboard box. Perhaps they want your cereal to go stale quickly, so you’ll buy more?🤔

Few things are as frustrating as a box of cereal that goes stale because you can’t reseal the bag inside.

Universal chargers

Apple needs to get with the program and ditch the insipid Lightning port and just go with USB-C like everyone else has now. But noooo, Apple has to be “special” and have everything proprietary, so that they can charge a fortune for replacement chargers, dongles, etc.

More durable pavement

Trillions of dollars are spent on infrastructure in the United States. Why are the roads so shitty? Potholes abound and asphalt is cracked left and right. Why can’t America take a lesson from other countries and invest in some top-notch road surface material? Oh, so we can send someone to the Moon, send several rovers to Mars and have the Voyager twins that are in interstellar space, beyond the solar system, but we can’t make a decent, lasting material to drive our cars on? What’s wrong with this picture?

“Oooh, I love potholes!” said no one ever. Why do our roads suck do badly?

Heated roads for icy weather

Speaking of roads, shouldn’t there be some kind of coil embedded in road surfaces in places where lots of snow and ice prevail in winter, so that water doesn’t freeze? These coils could be heated to where asphalt remains intact, but ice and snow don’t stick. It sure seems like that would avoid many accidents.

Cold-weather cities need heated roads so that they don’t get all icy and dangerous.

Desalination plants

Miles and miles of coastline abound, but we have places that are parched from drought. I’ve heard talk of desalination for many years, and the excuse is always about efficiency and cost. We have so much water in the ocean, but it’s unusable due to its salinity. Isn’t there some kind of semi-efficient system to remove the salt and send the water to dry areas?

Photo car alarms

You hear a car alarm in a parking lot. No one has ever been concerned about whether the car is being stolen. The loud noise is just obnoxious. An awesome idea for a car security system would be the ability to photograph the thief and send the image to police wirelessly. With today’s technology of Android Auto and Apple Car Play, you’d think that would be a viable option for cars.

A 360° dashcam? Could that answer the problem of capturing the face of a car thief?

Longer-lasting light bulbs

Sure, LED bulbs last longer than the old incandescent bulbs. However, I’ve bought some of these bulbs that claim they last nine years, only to find out they’re going out within a couple of months. Isn’t there some kind of light-emitting diode that will actually last, without costing a fortune?

Remote control finder

Here’s a useful invention someone should come up with. It’s a button that will cause your TV remote to beep (similar to a Find my Phone app). It seems like remotes are always disappearing, and this would be very convenient.

Hydraulic lift for restaurant garbage

If this were marketed correctly, it’d be a billion-dollar idea. Where I work, trash removal is not an easy job. Trash cans can fill with hundreds of pounds of garbage throughout the day. It takes two, sometimes three strong people to lift these cans up so they can be emptied into the dumpster. Instead of depending on brute strength to empty these cans, there should be a hydraulic lift in front of the dumpsters. The lift would go up just a couple of feet, not high enough for someone to get severely injured if they fall off, but reach a good height to be able to tip the trash cans and dump the garbage into the dumpster with much less effort on employees’ parts.

Earbuds that don’t tangle

Oh, the annoyance! You wrap your earbud cord nice and neat, and when you reach for it, “Fuck! It’s a tangled mess!” It didn’t matter where you put them or for how long, somehow, some way, the damned cord always got tangled up.
Since many phone manufacturers are doing away with the 3.5mm jack, and Bluetooth headphones/earbuds are becoming so widespread, this doesn’t seem to be much of a problem anymore. Besides, I despise the “tucked in the ear canal” design of most earbuds now. I’ll keep my over-the-ear headphones.

Extremely annoying were the tangled earbud cords. No matter how neatly stored, they always turned up a mixed-up mess. Bluetooth is making wired earbuds obsolete now, thus eliminating this headache.

Theater restroom screens

This is definitely a major nuisance. You’re at the theater with your gigantic bucket of popcorn and enormous soda. Right in the middle of the most exciting part of the film, you get a really strong urge to go to the bathroom. You try to hold it, but you know you’re not going to hold out until the end, so you have to wait until a boring scene to be able to sneak out. You go, and all the while, the movie continues and you miss those few minutes. There should be a screen at the urinal or stall where you can choose your movie and, while you’re relieving yourself, you don’t miss anything. Of course, Murphy’s Law dictates that you’ll definitely miss something exciting or important to the plot🤬.

I guess some theaters actually have screens installed in the toilets so you don’t miss your movie while taking a dump. These should be standard in all theaters!

Is there something else you can think of that hasn’t been invented yet, or that would be wonderful to be able to get hold of?
That’s it from the Nightmare Planet (that’s what inside my mind is like—a nightmare🤪🤭). The ride is always wild and random, and until next week’s post, remember to keep space from the next person (easy for me, I don’t like most people in my personal bubble), wash those grimy paws, wear your mask where required (I’ll wear mine to hide my homely mug from public view), be safe and be well.

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