CXL – What a Riot!

On 06 Jan 2021, a mob of “protesters” stormed the US Capitol building, in an attempt to undermine the official results of the presidential election from last November. On that day, thousands of people waving various versions of Trump flags, as well as Confederate battle flags, wearing MAGA hats and other assorted pro-Trump garb, broke down barricades ([?] Maybe let in? Who knows?), and broke into the Capitol building. Offices were ransacked, a lectern was stolen, and members of Congress were nearly attacked. It is said that these people had help from inside the government to be able to enter so easily. Donald Trump is accused of having incited this riot through videos and inflammatory tweets.

In early February, the Senate held trial against Donald Trump, after his second impeachment in January. Many pondered about why a trial would take place, even though Trump had lost the election and Joe Biden had already been inaugurated. He couldn’t be removed from office, unlike a conviction for a sitting president. The reasoning Democrats held was that, if convicted, Trump would be barred from ever holding public office again, thereby disallowing him a chance to re-campaign in 2024. This, however, was not to be the case, and Trump was acquitted of charges against him. Therefore, if he wanted to run for president in 2024, he very well could. He has his hardcore group of supporters, who undoubtedly would vote for him, but I don’t think the population in general want to see him back in office.

Impeachment managers, at opening arguments of Trump’s trial, released a video (embedded below), which depicted events of that day, including Trump’s videos and a tweet. I watched the video in its entirety at the time, and I must say that it was concerning to watch. Okay, maybe “concerning” is euphemistic, but the video makes me think “holy shit”. I don’t recall anything like this ever happening in this country in my lifetime. Deranged people went about breaking down barricades and breaking into the Capitol building. It honestly looked like a scene from a Middle Eastern coup attempt. You’d think that would happen in a war-torn country, not here. Those rioters were not there to air their grievances, they were out for blood. I’m pretty sure that had they encountered any of the Congress members, someone would’ve gotten killed. One of those invaders brought with him a Confederate battle flag (the one that was the center of controversy a while back), and that was the first time it had been hoisted inside the Capitol building since the War of 1812.

Video released by Impeachment Managers at opening statements of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, 02/10/21. Courtesy KTLA 5, Los Angeles, via YouTube
This video was flagged by YouTube as being “offensive” to some people, and has been flagged. It can be viewed, but only on YouTube.
Video posted on YouTube by the Washington Post. It shows the mob and insanity inside the Capitol building on the day of the siege.

A few things from that day really stood out to me: first, it seemed too easy for these jack-offs to get in. The Capitol Police had been disarmed days before, and I didn’t see all that much resistance. Contrast the police presence there to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests last summer. Back then, cops were present in force, in full riot gear, armed to the hilt. This time, it looked like the goddamned Keystone Cops roaming around. BLM didn’t attempt to get into the Capitol last year, but hundreds were still arrested, many probably deservedly so. The wannabe-redneck fuckfaces from this year got in, ransacked the joint, and hardly anyone got arrested. “Go home in peace; we love you…” Trump said in one of his videos.

Screenshots of Trump’s inciteful tweets and the video, in which he tells mobsters “We love you” and “Go home in peace”

Anyone who knows me knows that I detest all politicians, as well as recent presidents. I disliked Obama’s political view, I think Biden is just a puppet for things greater and more vile; I could not stand Trump, and I’m pretty sure he had greasy fingerprints all over this whole debacle. He was watching the events unfold on video from a remote tent. The National Guard was called out by Mike Pence. If Trump really had nothing to do with anything, he would’ve immediately called out the Guard and vehemently condemned the rioters and demanded people get arrested. But no! His silence is absolutely deafening. There is a saying in Portuguese, “quem cala, consente”, which translates to “silence gives (or implies) consent”. Trump was so pissed that he lost the election that he wanted to do absolutely anything to retain power, short of declaring martial law. Eventually, because his posts were deemed dangerous and inciteful, all the major social media platforms expelled him and deleted his accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Amazon, Reddit and YouTube all deleted his accounts. Twitter even went so far as to delete a bunch of Trump’s sheeplings, including the MyPillow guy.

In this area I live in southern Utah, I don’t get why some people are still proudly hoisting their Trump flags. I mean, the election is long over, Biden’s been inaugurated, Trump is out of the limelight now. Most of these banners have been removed, but there’s still some flying around. Even before the election, I’d see these lifted pickup trucks with Trump flags in the back. It just emitted so much tiny dick energy and so much hate/disdain. Up until early March or so, as I was taking my son to school, I drove past a house that had a yellow flag on their porch, designed similarly the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, except it’s worded “Don’t Tread on Trump”. The sight of it just made me want to throw up in my mouth🤮.

Let me make this disclaimer. Back in 2012, when Obama and Romney were candidates, Trump joked about running, and I thought, “Well, he is a businessman; perhaps he is what this country needs.” I have since taken a dose of reality and have seen how bad things went. Not that things will be better under Biden, but Trump was a special kind of stupid. Arrogant, narcissistic, misogynistic (remember “grab them by the pussy”?). Yeah, we didn’t need to be reminded, but the fact is he really said that. We can hope that one day this country will somehow return to some semblance of normalcy, but the somber reality is that it probably never will. Too much damage has been done by far too many people for far too long. Shit, these old farts in Washington haven’t done jack shit to solve anything in their decades in office, so how are things going to improve in the future? Trivia: Joe Biden was first elected to political office the year I was born, 1972. I would love to see term limits on these motherfuckers. Governors have term limits, the President has them. By god, Congress should, too. Anyone elected prior to 2010 should be eighty-sixed. A huge cancer in this country are the career politicians. The Founding Fathers never intended political office to become a lifelong career. Congress needs a major overhaul and transfusion. Perhaps then, things might improve. Or, maybe there will be a new crop of selfish, ignorant assholes to drive this country even further down.

Screenshot from Wikipedia, about Joe Biden’s election to the Senate in 1972. No one should be a politician for the terms of nine different presidents!
How are politicians like dirty diapers? They’re both full of shit and need to be changed frequently!

Whatever the case, things need to change in Washington, and not by a redneck attempt at a coup. The US is at a precipice, and it looks like we’re tipping over the edge. As George Carlin said, we’re “circling the drain”, and those circles are going faster and getting smaller. Before too long, down we go.

Cartoon depicting the US “circling the drain”. Artist: Gary Vervel

Hopefully, your life is not circling any drains. In spite of my political cynicism, I sincerely hope you are successful and at peace. May you enjoy your time with your loved ones. May you be healthy and able to care for your families. Remember to tell your kids, parents, significant others or fur-babies you love them, give whomever you can a huge hug, wear your mask wherever required, be safe and be well.

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